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Decisions aren't black and white think red tough loss for virginia football came all the way back and forced uh... what looked like it was going to go to overtime but couple tough penalties late costly for the wahoos who fall at home to nc state twenty four twenty one virginia drops to all win for on the season national's struggles continue against braves the as they lose their second straight to the a t l nine to six patrick corbin got off to a slow start allowed two homers in the top half of the first including one of the star ronald lacuna junior becomes a fifth player in baseball history to have forty homers forty and stolen bases in a season the two teams will not play on saturday because of the impending weather game has been postponed if you had tickets to saturday's game you can go at six thirty five on sunday part of a next to doubleheader wrap up that series on sunday baltimore loses in a walk off to cleveland nine to eight back to college football coming up on saturday it is maryland first big test on the road in big ten play visiting michigan state that kickoff is at three thirty high noon virginia tech visits frank marshall and ran to be to be sports for the storm in alexandria i encourage to go out and get the necessary supplies that you need i'm nick einelly scenes of the earthquakes in syria and turkey have touched the world but thousands of lives lost we need to protect those children who remain who have lost their parents and their homes help now donors like you the are reason the why unicef is able to help children and families in syria and turkey with your unicef

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