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And that's what they've done to a young coach and this is the thing pepsi thing is on a liberty. Do we put too much on the coach. I mean counting now. Had this list. The had three ray builds or three mini rebuilds. One one one ten minute period we can say them playing the best football of a sane mice pupil football and then the next forty missing completely. Is that purely on the coach. Or is that all star. The playas attack. Someone takes him responsibility on these smack. The senior players stood not saying you players full. Stop two and a half years not jerry. If you continue to target you need a tiger look. There's enough people watch the show and listened to on a weekly basis if you get drafted deploy ifm football. You comply the guy in the you get over coach to the instagram than any flare. With the whole reason go team gets totally stripped out of you. Yeah do you can't tell me. People who trubisky satan came play football heady. Del came play football. These came play date just hamstrung and they to the degree. How i suppose to thrive and let what they what they capable of doing when they hang castle. Time and this is what Sales on saturday he guys. I just think it's disgusting. He's had to defend himself which is even more staggering. I think it's pathetic. So i take it to come at their site. Had always Coaches in in how democrat mccoll and said. He went to the same thing before richmond had their success. Once again. you do have to question y on cotton coming out. Why aren't and coming out and supporting saying values. not wanting. That's as it's evident as i would have done instead of Sort of respect for to david take. They've dragged him through three weeks of the circus knowing that he's not gonna be there by the end of next week and just dragging through it. I think it was matthew said the only thing guaranteed helping coaches at one day you'll be sacked and he's the perfect example of it. These are all that's been absolutely rained. And he's got the best east. Got the best. You've got defensive issues. Get a defensive. Koji near is being teams martinez. One of them who struggled defensively for so long. I get a defensive gene..

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