Paul, Ford Pierre, Missouri River Bridge discussed on Midday's with Michael Estridge


The area throughout the day today with highs around twenty southeast wednesday at five to fifteen also could see some flurries or a few scattered snow showers developing four tonight's guys turn partly cloudy low to your four above with northeast winstead the fifteen that with partial sun it's of developing cloudy this wednesday we'll have backed up the 522 for the south dakota state lottery whether i weather center are paul probably at the day's casese the arf's right now this is riverfront broadcasting meals on today's casey cr it took up over thirty six minutes of a two hour meeting to decide what ford pierre will recommend that a new missouri river bridge crossing be have enhanced lighting above and below the grids deck and to large areas for resting along the bridges walking path the ford pierre city council got input on possible funding sources for additional amenities to the bridge to give it some personality councilman todd bernhardt reviewed the findings in says the retirement of debt service could play the fort pierce advantage rivers you will tell you that by two thousand alone just from the and that jerusalem will soon there are certain his new jersey serve ill bernhardt also suggested ford pierre sell off some parcels of land mayor gloria hansen defended the city's street maintenance after councilman bob ricketts expressed concern over st department funds going for bridge enhancements in the past five years which should inspire you blessed or a but owners like thyssen divide mounds of evidence that city street funds would now be use ricketts maintained his opposition the health or greater obligations we afternoon state shot the voting booth near route live here as our rid councilman david lee road says residents in his ward expressed what they'd like to see on the bridge phone calls for solutions i've had voters in my area the like all the lighting the liked the idea of a little heart there the do not liked to step down and the the pie the pylons which marked the end of the bridge are priced at nearly seven hundred fifty thousand dollars and councilman kevin gabriel says there must be a better way we give but we have to be involved sub was somehow trying to put her stamp on the bridge so councilman wake wise graham says the in previous projects forward pierre has worked out a compromise on funding with pierre the.

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