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Senate going to set a here on them. Beltinci chicken. I think you'd be surprised. I think you'd be surprised, Abbott, Kenny, fight club, bike club, bike club. Kids get the peace on. He's on a couple of one to Cutie. Pies are still got it. Baby lift your shield. And now from the honored studios in Playa vista California is the moment you've been waiting for the final and the cheese is coming at you. No, no, we're not live. It doesn't make sense. We're not live, you don't be out. And now it's the fatter and the kid. Shot live live. No, please tell me you don't know the story about me sitting next to the older gentleman who was he had a tight mustache looking down on me. He'd been in the military, longtime, buttoned-down, gentlemen, and like you said, said, are I said, well, if you're in LA, you know, have you ever wanna know places to eat? Let me know. And you know, give him my number. He goes, all right, my number, but if I make a friend, it's a friend for life. And I went, okay. Well, there it is, then I hope I'll do you one better. I think I told you this having told audiences I'm at the. Comedy store. The sky. I'm gonna grew with a group of friends and tell this guy wants to talk to me grown men, older me forty series, forty, two hundred years pro. Was the last time the football around? Are you? Excuse me, as I was listening to a ball. I don't know many. What are you doing Saturday. Probably with my family's school, the park. Let's play catch for the raw Roadman. Let's throw the raum in some pattern. Let's just this was play cat. Let's do the rock around. It will no, no. And I thought he's joking around thirty. Fuck after turn catch. A bit, don't they cats? I could not stop laughing, Chris, and he was in tears, laughing. I went bro. That guy just asked me to play catch and Ted Sears. He just asked if I want to go to the park on Saturday play can right thought you wanted to work off some cobwebs you know, like get back to the old glory day. That's the best out of nowhere. Dude, listening few, the rock ground. I cannot tell you, let's play catch. Split some catch. We're doing Saturday, not playing catch with the news Saturday. I'll drive up to see, you know what you do is alternate frisbee and then go, fuck each other. That's a good. That's a terrible idea. It's place in, let's play some frisbee golf you know should do. We should play freeze tag little wrist. How's that say? I went, I drove a long way yesterday with my kids, long way on Thousand Oaks to DOJ. Oh, boom. Where it's basically ninja warrior for all trampolines owes it trampolines slack lines. I mean, all kinds of shit swing around software when they fall paradise. It was a played forever. Yeah, they pay. They played who go to four. They're not gonna last four, the quitted three. Now let's keep going Tony Jeffries at a bouncy castle. At his little girls. He has three girls his little girls like birthday party for sure. I'll have your kid's birthday party at your gym anyways to Chee Chee, but he has to say the money, but he had a bouncy castle and I've never seen my son in one and he's a little reserved at first. Then he got in there. Oh, I don't know. He's in it for two and a half hour. I'm talking like he just ran the goddamn Boston marathon dripping sweat. Yup. The love that they will not stop and the pools the same way pools a great babysitter because he also kills more kids than anything else in America. But yeah, I hear you damn, Damn right. right at him crack because you know why you drown. So silently so quickly, it's a fucking disaster. She's real. Yeah. Glen. My friend's child, I don't want to do last night. It was fun. At the store. I feel like you and I haven't been there awhile together you. You've been on the chart, your specials to, and then you. We've just been missing each other. I've been busy busy and fight tonight. We're last night. We're both at the comedy store with Bert. Kreischer has a special coming out next week. Yes, he doesn't crisis special on Netflix drop, and he's one of the funny span the world, but he'll he'll burp popped in dude, new, do a new shit, new material, new Bill Burr front for me..

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