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And if you are listening to a podcast today, if you wouldn't mind if you haven't done this yet, if you would mind leaving us a five star review at the podcast platform of your choice. We would greatly. Appreciate that thousands of you have done this already. Thank you very much coming up a little bit later on. It's pop culture Tuesday. We're gonna look at a couple of the world views of recent major Hollywood releases. Also, we're going to look at the Trump tax cuts here, and what are some of the mitts, and what are some of the facts surrounding the thousands who were going to be killed if we cut taxes last year, not we're full year into this. And we just had tax day yesterday. David Harsanyi of the federalist will be joining us to talk about that. Plus, another weekly addition of fake news or not Aaron and Todd will decide is this fake news or not that's coming up a little bit later on. But we love to support worthwhile causes with our show, and there is no worth wile 'cause maybe in all of the universe than the word of God. And that's we're back to Jerusalem comes in is one of our partners. They're based in communist, China and their mission their heart. Their ministry is to take the word of God to what are called closed countries. All over the world. Why are they closed because these are nations ruled by oppressive regimes who try their best to close their people off from the scriptures. They don't want them inspire. They don't want them hope filled because inspire. Tired and hope field people have less of a tendency to tolerate being oppressed. And so the mission of back to Jerusalem is to take God's word to places like communist, China, Somalia, Iran, North Korea at cetera. But they need our help. They have put the bible in a small electric downloadable form. It's about the size of a pill that allows it at least makes it easier anyway to get past the gatekeepers in these oppressive regimes.

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