IAF, Hamas, Gaza discussed on The Tel Aviv Review - The Burden of Responsibility: Hamas Rule in Gaza


And that is a much better air and the iaf the relations with hamas had with entering gaza was not very problematic now it has changed it's more difficult for people who are not german italian aid workers to or journalists to move in another why is the maseru's right now i'm talking about tomas in the hamas checkpoints and hamas ministry of interior how much surveilling they are of people coming in and out why has gotten worse i dunno because of the situation because of most likely because hamas his feeling more pressured and less a little bit less in control of what's going on and they believe that they're more paranoid perhaps that think that they're being infiltrated from the outside but gaining access in gaza was very much about gaining the trust of people i didn't come to tell people would i thought and tell them what to do i came as an observer sowed sit down with people it could be a minister it could be o'clock in one of the ministry's it could be with the women home in in the houses and distort stem cell how to use these things how what have you experienced what do you do for example if someone has stolen your car who determined to determine to hamas police go to the family elder in the neighborhood and what people do well it showed that in the beginning in this connects all to to a your earlier questions about so what became of hamas rune it didn't end up in a sharia rule or an islamic state what happened in in gaza rather was that hamas kept the secular system off the palestinian authority.

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