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You're listening to the best podcast on the planet. I'm Chris Cassandra. And I'm Scott long. We should let the listeners know that we are recording this under a tornado warning. Until 5 o'clock, so I mean, we are dedicated. We're putting our lives on the line for the anti of nation today. Yeah, I'm Bill woman and you're Helen Hunt. Not Bill Tobin. Why do you keep getting them mixed up? It's 15 years later, Scott. I know. And that guy's dead too, I really should. It give him some respect. But I like it when the cow goes by and you're like, how? Same guy. I always say that's like the job I would do if I could start over. Jason tornadoes, you know? Wouldn't want to do that. I'm gonna hang out with Helen Hunt all day. Perfect. I don't know about that part, but yeah. Alexi and the cows and the houses and stuff get ripped up and I've never seen him live tornado. I've seen water spouts, you know, I've never seen one in front of me, and I've always wanted to, so. I haven't seen one either, so maybe our dream will come true today in the middle. All right, fingers crossed. All right, we're almost half the way halfway half of the way half the way halfway. Halfway through. Take of the out of it. We're almost halfway through. Halfway through the World Series of poker and here, this week's updates, my goal adamo, one event 38, the 50 K high roller for his third career bracelet beating Justin bonomo heads up. Eric Seidel also made the final table. Didn't give me a shout out, either. Man, what is wrong with him? Josh aria, one of M 39, the $1500 plo for his third career bracelet in a final table featuring two other bracelet winners, Bradley Rubin one of 42, $1500 razz. For his third career race that there's a theme going on here. Yeah. And he said it was probably his only only his third career raz tournament. And finally, Tommy Lee won an event 45, the ten K plo is a second time he has won that event. This week's not as sexy as last week, I have to say. Yeah, we didn't have any meeting juicy stuff to talk about today. It's just a lot of like, wow, you guys were great poker players. I mean, you know, Bradley Rubin's got nothing on me. I won my first rest tournament show. Right. Yes. So, there you go. But you know, just that kind of thing shows you that, you know, as long as you're not a play poker, you know what I mean? You can play any event. You just convert whatever you've learned from other disciplines and to that. So there's always that famous story of Jennifer harman,.

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