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So you would think that if these Sony marvel universe was gearing up to have Spiderman appear in all these movies, he would have appeared briefly in venom, and as h c rights article, I, it would be kind of hilarious if Spiderman showed up in a craven, the hunter movie, but didn't show up an event movie. Yeah, I don't see marvel studios going along with us at all either. I mean, it's not like venom, probably gave them any confidence in what Sony is doing with their Sony marvel. Sony marvel universe the curdle SMU SMU okay. Let's move on. Let's talk about Rambo five, which is a now has a title crystallised butter. Yes, so so that's our Sologne is in the midst of shooting Rambo, fi where Rambo looks like a cowboy now, and the movie is titled officially Rambo, five last blood, and this makes sense because the first Rambo movie is called first blood actually doesn't even have Rambo in the title is just called first blood and Rambo to is called Rambo, first blood part two. So it looks like the series is now coming to an end with this film which has Rambo taking on a Mexican drug cartel. So. Make make of that, what you will. I a bad feeling? This is not going to turn out that well, but we'll see. Yeah, I think they should remove the five from the title. It's cleaner, though ram. It's it's a bit clunky. Rambo, last blood would work a lot better, but I guess not. I do like that title as much as I'm sure I'm not gonna like this movie bullets move out. Next story in yesterday we talked about James Gunn, possibly writing and directing a second suicide squad film, which might or might not be a sequel. We don't know now Dave Petit STA who was obviously Drax the destroyer in guardians, galaxy is now campaigning to star in the movie bend house. But yes. So he basically this story is that he debut teased a shared an article that revealed Ben information about James Gunn coming potentially coming on board suicide squad too. And he said, where do I sign up? So. Like we we, there's nothing, you know, super serious involved here, but it would be really entertaining to see Dave what he said, make the jump from some moral university of the DC university would certainly not be the first actor to to make that jump. But he so of course, has been very, very vocal in his support of James Gunn ever since gun was fired by Disney and he was, you know, he, he's basically been the most. Vocal of the guardians cast in support of his director because and for good reason, James Gunn took a chance on him and gave him the career that he has right now. Obviously, Batista was a wrestler beforehand, but you know, there are some big name. People who are additioning for Drexel, destroy our remember seeing photos of Jason momoa from game of thrones trying out for that role and gun ended up liking what it was doing with that part. And that role has completely changed his career trajectory. So it's not surprising that you would be so supportive of of his friend and director. So I don't know Peter, do you want to see Dave Teesta in suicide squad too? Well, I don't even know what's what James gun suicides quite is, but I can imagine the Petit stays logo like that feels like it would be a perfect fit, but I want to ask you, like, I know we've had people jump from marvel DC. DC to marvel in, you know, the acting world in the past, but we've never had an have not had anybody appeared both of the world's at the same time. But I, I mean, like while they're still a big part of a big franchise in marvel appear in DC. I can't think of anybody off soft my head. And I know I'm probably wrong. Yeah, I feel like it would be somebody's small. It would be like a, like, I know it's not. It's not Ray Stevenson, but it would be somebody like that, you know, like not necessarily one of the the primary members of any of the casts question. I just wondering if there's like a contract that will prevent him from being in DC production while he's, you know, still headlining, guardians, galaxy films. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know if they have some sort of exclusivity clause or or something like that. That's if anybody out there was an entertainment lawyer right in and let us know I'd be interested, but.

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