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Thirty in his first day. Yeah, luka. I got him for something else. Trae young. What Kevin? I. Going back to bed, but Kevin nuts. I mean, I did say. Yeah, I think Bagley could definitely drop it thirty piece on that team. No, trae young pig, especially hang book right now. Yeah, I don't. I don't know. I don't. I think he ain't to get a lot of double doubles. He takes me as a thirteen and ten guy more than thirty guy, but I'm sure you could drop it thirty. That'd be it wouldn't be terribly guesses. They took all them. So I'm Colin sex just because you'll have the ball. He need more be more tattoos. He's a plan to Cleveland all the Cleveland Dame. You gotta fi, you've got a close up, look at Clarkson tattoos to the not good. Yeah. View. I kind of took that roses. But it is what it is close to get fired. I coach hired. Who was the first one to get hired if a coach was, I know it depends a lot of their who's the coach him. Ooh, what's? What's it called name? Memphis right now. Biggest j. Bickerstaff Jere, steakhouses assistant j. Bickerstaff if he gets fire, he's gonna move up. Jerry Stackhouse. More jackson. We always say they don't even look. I think the Knicks the only would tape standard gun is out there. You decide ESPN. My thing because I don't really get nobody for this. Yeah, he's got gotta really take all the coaches. They got. Maybe Jason, Kidd, ethical, David Blatt deserves another chance to somewhere. He'd He'd really. really. No chance got half a season. They're like, all right. His home taste, though. That's crazy to pull the Bronx. Luke wall is the first coach fire. The. My heart. I remember saying that when they coke by lake. Luke Luke wall. And so once they got him, I'm like, I don't wanna see them fighting. This the right, seven fuss -bility era, Tina Broadway on coach should never be safe unless it's the way. Yeah, maybe Luke poodles that we terrible. They started off slow when a, that'd be bad. Marriage is nine even like he ain't build like that. Lakers lifers baby. I plan to score fifteen. Who is it all go. No, I'm gonna Steph, curry. He's not going to. Go, go pick him anyway. What he do. She's gonna take it. He's gonna take valve. My initial guests on the first. So I can't pick my first school forty because you took it and went with them for fifty. I dropped fifty. I'm gonna go out on a limb here movement. Lawyer market and being out exactly. He's taking thirty shots game. He's gonna make at least a third of those. Exactly me. I'll be happy with that. I like that a lot. I'm mostly Jokic because he took the Dave is. But if it happened then like a genius, if it actually turned into -ality. Take a lot of sides Whitlow. I don't know if it's gonna be fifty, but he'll have going out great deaf forty. You get close to give me hard. I'll say that. I'm nice. Everybody just gotta watch. I was this close to buy tickets. So the preseason game for tomorrow. They played, Anthony Davis, accompany the bull audibles. I'm not. What are this preseason game? When I go to go to the games. Slaps, definitely. We should all go up to Milwaukee is an our drive and get a new stadium. This year. We should definitely. I'll make a dramatic. Cow, doug..

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