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Five eyewitness news forecast. A high of thirty today down to twenty two tonight's we're in for a sunny day right now. It's fifteen. This is a mytalk dirt alert update a quick look at what's happening in entertainment dug up a lot of dirt on mytalk mytalk. Listen and learn. Courtney love is broken in a big way with her ex manager Sam lucky, and she just filed to get a restraining order because she says he's arresting earner family. Just he won't stop doing it. This is a guy if you remember was attached to Britney Spears when she completely loco for awhile. And he was that creepy guy that was just in the hotel with her and trying to be your manager. Yes. It's the same guy. So I guess now she has a restraining order against him because he won't stop harassing her with emails and phone calls about money that he says she owes him. So now, she has a restraining order. Ooh. That is scary to look at patterns of people. Right. And what they do. And. Yeah. Probably not. I mean, it's her ex manager now. So yeah. Hey, Chrissy Teigen revealed on Instagram on Monday that her father gave her birthday gift that's going to be next to impossible to beat for John legend tattoo of her face on his bicep. Got a tattoo of me for my birthday. Tattoo artist is really great. He's responsible for David Beckham's extensive collection of body art and also, Johnny Depp. And Angelina Jolie, so I'm going to ask Dr to get a tattoo of me like on her on her forearm her forehead. Yes. Yes. Warhead? Remaking Marco made an unannounced appearance at the British fashion awards yesterday for a special reason to honor her wedding dress designer Claire wait Keller of Jeevan. She and people were so excited because she was wearing a black dress. And she looked very pregnant. She's got a baby she was holding her belly. Very sweet, really great pictures. Yes. Yes. No problem. All right on TV tonight. We have the voice which is on every night. It seems like. NBC? We also have supergirl on the CW. We have Darcy Lynn.

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