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One. She says my parents are abusive. My two little sisters are chained up right now. They're chained up to their beds tells them that they're living in filth. She hadn't bathed a nearly a year hadn't been to a doctor and five years had never been to a dentist and said, sometimes I wake up, and I can't breathe because of how dirty the houses and they have not yet been sentenced. They they will be sentenced, Fred. All right. Got it. Sorry. Sorry. I'm trying to get the paper. Okay. Oh, no. Lori Lachlan's husband Maasim. Oh, generally might have lied about his own US -cation. He said he got the he didn't. And I think that adds five or ten years to his sentence that he lied about. What do you think? I don't know. But may I also say this is apparently from a fashion blog called the hundreds where somebody called Bobby hundreds. That's his name posted in October of two thousand sixteen. All right. So considered the source the allegation is that Maasim oh was lying to his father about being a student USC falsified report cards, and and got his dad to fork over money that the dad thought was for school fees repairing fake tuition bills. And he started is company. Again, remind you these are allegations somebody named Bobby hundreds fashion blog, and so he was a student at USC. Although apparently to a full I don't know what the exact point which you become a fully matriculated when you graduate in. Two minutes. He attended during the spring semester in nineteen Eighty-four, but not as a fully matriculated student. So who the hell knows? Ten years more for the sentence. We'll be back. Let's take a break. And we've got plenty more handle on the news later dishes. All right. Jennifer,.

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