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And the crowds came to her and there were moments in those matches that that i watched where it wasn't easy for her where she had to go back into the past and find those shots in those moments in those serves and and mitch what i saw in this first week was this when she was in trouble she hit harder and that was what always set her apart the only thing that she has been cheated out of in her career is never ever for to her navratilova or navato over to her ever the greatest opponents you ever had was her own sister and that's the only thing and she could not control that that that i think is sometimes made people not appreciate what they're seeing with her but i can add anything to mike's analysis so i just want to throw out all this tumult than the shopping is done about seeding and so forth and serena was given this controversial tiny five kerber is number eleven in my correct yeah i think so yeah and yet isn't this is not in mind defacto one versus two yes yes this is the way we we we wound up at one we wind up with the best possible tennis women's final based on who they are at this stage is of the with their talent and their history is that we got one versus two how about that well food for thought chew on this her first major win was in nineteen ninety nine okay she actually has traversed two centuries beating martina hingis was comfortably in retirement middleage at this point she began by beating martina hingis and she's still out there playing about to perhaps when another wimbledon there's i don't know how you can put it in better context than that nine hundred ninety nine martina hingis it sounds like she should be on the sports reporters panel here and instead she still out there playing and coming back from something that no she's not the first mother to play tennis and there is a sense sometimes given given her groundbreaking nissen in many many areas that we over crown serena and we over indulge the the press just falls at her feet and the articles that are written about her in the way she celebrated sometimes i if i were in another female tennis player might say okay yeah all right but but she earns it in terms of the actual accomplishments when you hold her up against other women in the sport who starts at that age and is still playing at thirty six nobody that burns you out too fast nothing nothing like this will ever happen nineteen if she wins the wimbledon final if she wins her twenty four th major ninety basically two decades after first major title think about this mitch in bob the other day they had a center core program at wimbledon that had roger federer match raphael in the dell and a match and serena williamson match sixty singles majors were on that court that day this has been the most remarkable this is this has been tennis's greatest generation and it's in the fitting conclusion is that she will be swinging away on the weekend trying to win one on no it's a cheese of great story before we close on on tennis i wanna top michael's tennis expertise just give me overview you still name an overview we recognize that we don't know what's going on at the moment jonah sner oh bob as we've been having our podcast this morning kevin anderson won the first set seven six okay bludgeoning servic kits bludgeoning surf okay and i fully expect that this match could go seven six six seven seven six seven and then about fifty to forty eight with with the two serbs but the service no bob his service actually gotten better i've actually wondered for a long time why he hasn't had more success in major championship and again it's been like a light was turned on at this wimbledon and his served to me he's been working with justin gimelstob i served to me has has gotten even better ono the right now is we're having this conversation today they are having.

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