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Of 95 to 99. A man killed with a meteorologist Joe Lundberg News, 93.1 Kfbk currently 63 degrees in Sacramento. With stories now trending on the KFBK Morning News. The fourth of July weekend has been altered dramatically in the past 24 hours, Scores of businesses will be shut down. Alcohol. We banned on parts of the American River from Friday until Sunday from he's 11 Udawatte Avenue in Sacramento. And parking fees will also be increased over the weekend for more on changes in Lake Tahoe. Here's KFBK sneaking. The guy's parade and fireworks show for the Fourth of July are canceled, but officials still expect the basin to be packed. Some changes include alcohol bands in certain areas and the closure of the visitor center and some public restrooms. The U. S Forest Service reminds visitors to wear masks. Practice social distancing and leave the fireworks at home. Nick a. Magus News, 93.1 became a new survey by the American Hotel and Lodging Association shows a big drop in travel plans this upcoming weekend. Mike tested with visit, Sacramento says hotel and lodging occupancy has dropped by 90% in California since the pandemic began. That's interacting obviously hotels but the surrounding businesses as well, so you know that the impact has been significant, Chester says. In state and local travel still being encouraged. I don't think you need to leave your city to get a break in to take a vacation. Obviously, we've been talking a lot about staycations in this market, the survey found. Only 44% of Americans are planning an overnight vacation or leisure travel in 2020 when usually about 70% take a vacation in any given year to Sacramento City Council members had their homes vandalized with red paint and targeted with fireworks. There's Councilman Jae shin ear from the Curtis Park, an old Park neighborhood and north to Thomas Councilwoman Angelique Ashby. In early June, the statue of John Sutter outside Center Memorial in downtown Sacramento was doused with red paint. Before that statue was eventually removed. California has sent out millions in Corona virus aid to thousands of undocumented workers. Kfbk is Jensen Raeder reports, state officials announced. California has approved over 100,000 applications as part of the disaster relief fund, announced by Governor Newsome back in April. So far, the program has distributed over $40 million of the $125 million fund Tuesday was the deadline to apply for a one time payment of $500 per person, or $1500 per household. Jensen Raider News 93.1 KFBK this morning There is word that the world's richest man continues to boost his fortune. KPK correspondent Dean Nuccio has more A Bloomberg Billionaires Index put Jeff Bezos net worth at $171 billion on Wednesday that beats his previous high mark of 168 billion. Back in 2018. The Amazon founder has pulled in over $56 billion This year. Alone increase comes despite Bezos, giving up 1/4 of his stake in the e commerce giant to his ex wife, McKenzie after their divorce last year. The mutual NBC News radio. Mark Cuban TV personality owner of the Dallas Mavericks, appeared on the view to discuss why he believes there's been such a rapid spike in covert 19 cases in his state of Texas. It is our featured audio clip this hour wasn't so much that it was open too quickly. It was one that there were no protocols in place for businesses when they open to keep their employees and customers safe. You know, it was just have as their business has got to do what they thought was the right way to approach it and number two. Nobody was adamant about mass of any other type of protocols or for all of our citizens, and so in order for us to get back on track and keep ourselves safe. Look, I think there's going to be a vaccine before the end of the year. The science geek of me when I read tells me that But at the same time we have to pretend as if that's not gonna happen, And so we really have to step up our enforcement mass. It doesn't matter if it's own shopping in the mall. It doesn't matter if it's a protest. It doesn't matter if it's a church service. Our Cuban, another non public health official who has become an expert on over, you know, I mean, what has happened in this country, Bill Gates, who didn't go to medical school. And and on. The media just runs the bill Gates because he knows about these things, right? Well, you know, he's doing all those vaccine. He's in funding the vaccine. Well, yeah, he's investing heavily in vaccine, and that's that's his. That's his part of the game. Well, I mean, it is interesting and that I think it could belie a vacuum. You know, maybe it's because we have a vacuum of want, But why do we go to people like Mark Cuban? I asked him about covert 19. He's a basketball team owner, right? Who thought about running for president who's on a CNBC business show. Doesn't it seem a little absurd lie just because he knows business I know doesn't mean health on guess the view did go to him to ask him his opinion on this. Hey, makes a good point about standardized, you know, protocols being in place, but again, I think the reason why people like him are asked about their opinion on these things. Is because perhaps there's a vacuum of P of actual people saying these are the protocols that have to be in place and have to be done, right. And to whom do and do. Who do we trust me? Do you trust Fauci? Because there are those who don't and there are those who don't trust the CDC, which is, you know a shame. They've been the premier health agency around the world for I mean, who goes to the CDC for help, right? Top national stories. News 93.1 Can't BE from ABC News. I'm Dave Packard this morning. The Labor Department reporting the US economy added 4.8 million new jobs in June. 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