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Moved out of the limelight rather than seek confrontation and political ah exposure all this but we've hit a lot of agricultural properties now go into chinese hands in australia and the australian defence forces did they talk to the government or did they talk to the culture about how this contradicts all of the money that's being spent and that's going to be spent in in order to develop a viable force to augment the uh the of the uh its allies against chinese aggression is they're logic care gregory or as everybody going in their own direction well they're not going this is surely the wrong direction anyway uh there is the the dichotomy is recognised uh that uh china is both a source of of recent wealth and also the potential source uh all of the move a military or security threat in the in the app is uh it does remind us of them why the prime minister before will two and after world war two to robert menzies was became known as big on on bob because he was behind selling a lot of a scrap metal to japan uh in the runup to world war two um and uh it this was at a time when when japan was known to be reality known to be also engaged in military expansionism throughout the race razer coprosperity sphere in other words it was invading china uh so bob menzies impact to be lost the opportunity to become israeli prime minister juri too because you because of that epa the big on bulb which should have been charged with if you like going to the shortterm financial gain frisco rather rather than looking to the longer tim uh security threat posed by japan the same thing is applying today uh in in this debate about the visit relative positions of china and in the united states uh the reality is that uh the the whole region is is actually much more nuanced than than that i mean astray it will have to continue to uh be active selling as much as it can to china and to.

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