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And I know I know that I know that. I know that feeling I wouldn't want. I wouldn't want to be there not put myself intentionally there. But a lot of these callers. I listened to step in tubs as well. They call him with a big badge occurred. Yeah, I was there. I faced anti fun. I'm a tough guy. You know. I don't understand that mindset. I really don't you know, let me give you my take on it. Okay? My friend, and that is this. That we cannot let the mob win. And and the way it's been left, I think is completely unacceptable for free people. And I look at people who have fought for this country risked their lives for this country and died for this country. And and we won't have time to complete thiss right now. We're gonna have a special RNC guest for a quick hit after the break, and then we'll continue this topic. But the way I look at it is wait a second. We're not being called on to do much, but we're being called on to stand up for freedom of speech. We cannot let the mob win. There needs to be another event. Handcock will be forced to protect us. And we have to take the risk that he won't hold the line. Everybody on this topic 85505255 Can impact Traffic Thiss report is sponsored by Envirotest Hair Care Colorado Still have that crash working in the right lane Eastbound Highway 36 right at church Rancher on the approach in there, so traffic shifting left into those left lanes anyway, and it's got everything backed up past Wadsworth. Now heavy, stop and go. As you make your way across the Broomfield area heading up in the high country beer where there's a car fire that started a grass fire in the area of Genesee along westbound I 70 fire crews keeping everything under control in there, but they're blocking off the right lane. It's backing us up. Back down Mount Vernon Canyon towards C.

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