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Um i that's i how many old only child friends you have because like i've that's actually conversations i've had with a lot of parents about whether they have you know the fairness of making only children because in the formative years you're not taught correctly how to share you've got all of your parents attention and sort of how that distorts the entire adult prism because espn has theories about it's a big talent that has gotten in trouble and how it's always only child syndrome like on that that the big talent that has got in trouble that hasn't felt supported enough usually it espn at the highest levels of management they've noticed sort of an only child child viral strain in the delta i'm guessing we could probably apply to sports i'm probably guessing that there's some one out there that can figure out for us you know we've told the story before tara loewen's his behavior he finds out who is father is by the guy across the street coming over reprimanding him and say you're not allowed to have my daughter as a crush she is your sister like how much of that form sort of the the some of the behavior you you see in sportswear guys are during things through there and women through their prison under their prism and only through their prism stu got thinks jason tatum is though of the big next superstar in sports i really do i spent the tighter time autoomy mba last night because i finally had a free night it's it's where would fantasy sports will do for you because i was with glued to uh the nets magic lymph its own.

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