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Been spa. I'ma donna w ma ma dead might be would delay michelle obama who here in gaza got then. Kanayama us live i'm hoses. Snl popping out man been pasha on and all them auction. Pa has he read the aspen donaldson. Gotta be asking you say how saw let's see how you the last month over mccain halong let me let me listen very funny yes shit. Cavill hijab oil. You know sassa the high l. male pop on math lawrence talk really only the from older. I'm not about to hear your show. Yada you shuttle muscles breath moment. How ball a mess. Hassan assan giambi. Yeah august yes back from the movie. Concept lion starring yeldham gone with lyrics written by the great done on my gore who is responsible for the lyrics of so many israeli plays and shows and movies really really great at what he did and probably what he still does at age eighty six. I think he's still out there doing his thing cognac. Covad was the name of that one with yoram gone and before that we heard a great song. Call sharon how. Falafel my apologies. Playing that song on the fast day. It is tea shop to have on the day. We're recording this podcast. And we're enjoying this music. Connecting to israel in a very meaningful way with the music of these classic isreaeli creators israeli musical geniuses don alamogordo naomi and would manure we are in the middle of our set celebrating the work of done alma gore and done was responsible for a few songs about the city of your shell lime and what better day to sing songs about Lime than on this t- shabaab. When we a mourn the destruction of the city of you shall i am thousands of years ago and today while we mourn we celebrate the miracle of the modern city of Lime of today down magor created this song called shalom out okay. Luma's go your fella. He mussina yahoo hugging shaba. Trello pepitas let tr about trill pepitas. Lolo huggy move visa visha who make laugh fella a. I'm a son. La not cut the sarah in philly. He shavei shunning luke shamim bubalo cone. She calmly hand of the leakage phone. She kunle goose boone. Chabad that's aga- shown off yawn on came on really use a not. You'll trump john charge. Sharla it's la official. Three about all jay. She meets us. Yes what would you like kebob. I'm mascow Surely kiva pa bethel carol schwartz potala saudi Small small hustle shoot lawyer. God these mayhem a the you Took do head and on the league off that show be llama. Burma again Do songs written by done gore on today's israel our radio and a pair of songs about shall lime this lack concept he could mercaz showman cobalt before that we heard a song by moti fleischer years shalom shelley and it sparked a discussion in the comments. What do you love most about the city of jerusalem and a day that we turn our thoughts very much towards the city of your ally and we play the song called uterus chalan. Shelly by jerusalem will tell me what is jerusalem mean t. You let us know in the comments on facebook or send me a message to josh at my israeli music dot com..

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