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Good terrible i think you to a dudes are going to become rail helmi's suicide is yes may i hate those guys biro your host ryan kaufman and chris brayden with a godfather of colorado springs sports radio we ills good friday t awoko meant to these schol ryan in wales with you in studio chris will be along shortly we have you for ninety minutes today leading you into air force hockey it's the playoffs baby i don't i i didn't i didn't wasn't lots there you go i wasn't trying to set you up but as soon as i said a mike yeah you gotta you gotta do it he got a deal you guys do it lanta cocky quarterfinals they know by the way they play army which is cruel uh actually look i don't know how these weekends are gonna turn out for both see see an airforce and we'll talk to kim landau uh coming up in the next segment engaged his read on how the cdu series will play out but in terms of the sexy matchups see cdu air force army you can ask for anything better you'd like him to be bolting coral springs in you'd like both teams to be not very good but good weaken a hockey in my voice good weekend of hockey that is most certainly true uh let's see what else we got going on we are athlete of the week we are going to announce them hurry i could say her because all of our nominees were on girls basketball players of this week so we'll la announce her at the bottom of the hour we have uh a tiger update for you because he's playing in another golf tournament doing pretty well she's waiting for cruise to chime in nothing on the hockey very rigid tiger um i spoke with scott lumber guests today and i did i did hear that yeah they her i dunno wearing her tigers can scare do you i think daveramsey wrote that yes that could have been paul cleared out which one that was the call inose david ramsey yeah um so yeah we'll so we'll see how that ola plays out also rockies abbreviate bringing back cargo i don't like it out tell you why coming up a little bit but we obviously all two eight six zero zero four six that is.

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