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The ridge community funded Scott Kaufman the athletic director Lakota west high school get into not only the the high school scenarios obviously schools being shut down at most campuses now are closed essentially down June thirtieth Boone County schools Kent County schools over northern Kentucky but we also started talking about colleges in the fall and they've been shut down as well did this semester I'm presuming end of the summer in and I know your daughter is going to go away yeah Bob lots of college students are in and it's you know it's one of those in the back to the do you know they talk about that congregating and and how that's not good what is a dormitory right I mean it's a you know even just gonna going to eat in the cafeteria hello last June soul I'm scheduled to teach another course as an adjunct professor at northern Kentucky university spent ten years full time on the college of business faculty there from two thousand to twenty twelve I co founded their undergraduate degree program in sports business top before that at Xavier University for a number of years as an adjunct I can tell you this they don't nobody knows yet but they're talking about you know you you have a couple options right now they're doing the virtual learning right remote then there's obviously the normal in classroom and then there's actually what they've kind of kicked around as a possibility is what they're calling a blended kind of course a hybrid where you might start all off the beginning of the semester remotely and then you would come back for the latter half of the semester in class so kind of the a combination there's also been talk well if you had a class most of them are traditionally two days a week summer three but in the college of business are mostly to and and you would have half the class on a Tuesday then the other half on a Thursday in the day that you wore in class you would be doing something virtual right so I mean they're they're they're taking a look at all that kind of stuff well you don't have a choice now in case he was not a a big it's not a huge residential campus but they run a lot more I mean I would say you know out of there in a museum really round numbers here but I would say another fifteen to sixteen thousand enrollment probably three thousand or I mean you know so right twenty percent not depended upon campus housing correct as much as other universities are out now and I have to wonder you know how does that affect and how is it affecting like housing rebates for those no question came home meal plans and we're looking into meal plans and all these different things and it's like how are they going to rebalance that it's funny you bring that up so I'm not going to mention this school but it's a it's a college or university could talking and somebody told me that their son and this is the current semester the day quote unquote capped the dormitories open so they take because they didn't want to give a rebate so don't you bring up an interesting question think about this I will tell you I will guarantee that and and I know there's gonna be faculty members out there in higher education I would argue with me feel free I'm I'm willing to argue with you that I'm not about some classes remotely I get some classes should not be taught just remotely sure right they can we talk to Scotty he talked about that interaction that social aspect you're the one I think the problem told me this years ago but you go to college you learn how to live that's part of the high school you live to learn in my college you learn to live so so my question to think about this or they come out so from that standpoint they get a refund well that's a great question because that's what the parents are gonna be concerned with that information the the students I would tell you this and maybe that's what this is all been preparing them for this living on the phone and the social media and having your head bent down the block maybe this is oddly enough what they're going to have to be faced with moving forward so it's not a complete shock to the system because they're already sort of automated to that level and I was also told get a get a load of this number that twenty they they are projecting and this is in I believe this is universally that if they have remote learning in the fall twenty to twenty five percent less enrollment a decline by then surprised so but think about what that's going to do I mean they're most R. St most are state funded can you imagine so if you have one out of four one out of five students not there man I mean you talk about budget cuts no wait that there will be brand new economies of scale only hope the deficiencies com as a result as we've talked about you know with even bringing your office back know how many people are essentially need to be in the building on the given time don't forget if you're on floor three you walk to the left if you're on floor floor you walk to the right I mean it's well let me ask you this with regard to what's new in the future because what we may be looking at and I saw this article I thought it was just click bait when it comes from medical xpress dot com now again right I don't know if that's a legit site or not but the the the headline is after locked down a world of masks you know you're looking back at China and some of the eastern countries that I've used masks for years and years for pollution reasons another last do you want to live in a region of the world where masks are going to be part of your everyday life I don't know what I've heard some of the I've heard some of the talk about like you know you wear your mask until you get to your desk or you get to your get to you're not again yeah I prefer I don't want to hear the new normal I'll take temporary normal until we revert back to what is our normal yeah I want to get back to where we work in a get if you get a vaccine if you got me come on man I mean you've heard all these people talk tonight about the great medical you know professionals we happen there has to be at some point we have to get back to living and this is what all the all the noise just starts to take over right was it man made wasn't not man made was it from eating a bad were they trying to teach bats to give it to other animals right I love when all of this stuff settles to the ground who the hell knows about Lee were still never going to actually know it's going to be what you choose to believe all again I would say is over the last couple of hours we say here's how you look forward yep you look forward with the opportunity to do it to behave in a way that is good for the other person right try to help someone else yes it's not about us it's not about you individually it's about the other person so how do you move forward going that way it's the only way to do it without I agree going completely back nuts craze now gonna get a check on news but when we continue you and I are both planning to do so coming out of this here's something to think about future planning right how about this for a long time but it's going to be months of hell in probably the last time yes but we will I will tell you what that is when we continue but first a check on news of Campbell.

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