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Deputy opened fire striking Brown several times. And Brown is hospitalized this weekend. An attorney for the family says Brown was unarmed when the deputy opened fire. Mo Pettway, president of the Spotsylvania chapter of the Deep says a complete and transparent investigation is needed. You want a special prosecutor to make to make sure they're transparent, right? Remain transparent. No matter what the I'll come here and do it, you know as soon as possible but thorough. The deputy has been placed on administrative leave Virginia State police are investigating and a special prosecutor has been named to oversee the investigation. Dick Uliano. W T o P News before former Minneapolis police officer Derrick Show. Vin was convicted in the murder of George Floyd Ah former Maryland medical examiner testified for the defense that the death was not a homicide and that Floyd instead may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Now. Those remarks have resulted in a call for those doctor's findings in Maryland to be reviewed. Dr. David Fowler's testimony drew criticism from D. C is former medical Examiner, Dr Roger Mitchell. I thought it was, you know, functionally outside of reasonable medical certainty. Mitchell, in an open letter online, called for Fowler's findings and in custody deaths during his 17 years as Maryland's Emmy to be investigated and more than 440 doctors signed onto it, he says among those to receive the letter, Maryland attorney General Brian Frosh, his office agreeing, saying an independent review will happen and response to that, Fowler told Wt O P stand by all of the findings made by The officer, chief medical examiner and the staff. Who work there. Mike Morello. W T. O P. News D C. Attorney general Karl Racine is taking another step toward combating hate and extremism in the district. Last December, Attorney General Racine launched a year long initiative aimed at combating the spread of hate during this week's take 30 virtual chat meetings that are held to address issues important to the community author and scholar of extremism and radicalization. Dr Cynthia Miller interests Says Combating hate can be difficult because of how easy it is to spread. You know, what we're seeing now is wherever you are, you could be online gaming, You know, 23% of online gamers will encounter white supremacist propaganda, according to recent surveys, But she stresses the importance of Internet regulations to counter extremism and disinformation We've already seen, you know the deep platform ink of people who spread tremendous amounts of disinformation can be helpful to Casey James to BU T o P news. It's 207 skilled trade workers.

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