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To be in my bag right now. I don't don't know what parts of my special teams I can pack. Because right now it does not seem like the special teams unit is as good as it's been over the last couple of years to you mentioned question marks at the punt return turn game Kickoff retire really almost not really a big deal because so many kickers has taken out of the back of the is off. But if you're trying to find a just an a- An added advantage in the game right now the rams don't have it in so many years for the last couple of years it's really been their biggest advantage and right now yes it is a concern concerned because they don't have that Kirk Morrison joins US everything each and every rams game for ASCA Kirk. Thanks Kurt Doc. Goodman Turkey Lakers have to. MVP candidate Steve Jumping Front last night. We'll get into it next Lakers role last night at Staples Center behind fifty from Anthony Davis fifty points. I fifty point game as a member of the Lakers right there. Lebron was the FIDGETY. Ah lebrun thirty two points last night. Thirteen rebounds and it's all good job King Eighty fifty just. They've got to indy peas. And you you start to get it there. Twenty four games into the season and you can't start voting for it now but you can start thinking about it now. Yana certainly in the mix look Donncha churches in the mix. James Hardness probably in the mix still but you wonder if the Lakers with both ad and Lebron if they don't split some votes and neither one of them gets it because they're both so deserving irving of both getting it well. I think it depends on who separates himself like like I think a decade separate itself from Lebron as we continue to move move forward meaning like he continue to have those historic nights. Because the Brom wants him to he wants to defer to him and allow L. him to carry the team and when he needs to step up he could do it now. You have third two points last night but it was like an afterthought because it really was celebrating the fifty coming handed halftime and telling them not only get fifty. Next time. They'll come and go get try to get eighty because they want him to do those things so I think that's why he could separate yourself now from Lebron well but the problem is is not a problem but the the interesting part of it is. Is that your everything you said is right. Absolute Bronze Averaging Twenty six seven and eleven Kevin. And what's Twenty six seven and eleven for him and you just you you start looking at this and it's not just that Anthony Davis is a great player air. It's that it's twenty six seven eleven for a guy in his seventeenth season. I'm pulling up shooting dominating games and doing whatever he wants whenever he wants to do it. It is. It's very hard to ignore a player who is leading the League in assists and in the top ten in scoring no matter who is no matter. Who else is on your squad? It's hard for you not to be considered the MVP. I'm not saying ignore him or anything like that. What I'm saying hang is he's going to allow ad to do it? He's got his trophies not he wants the next guy to do it so he's going allow him to continue eighteen you to play the way play last night where you can defer everything you keep doing what you saw. I'm uptake my foot off the pedal and to such time that we really need me to. That's what I'm thinking but the allowing eighty to do it. He's racking up assist. That's the reason why it's so he's so you know. AD had fifty but Lebron assisted are quite a few of them. So it's like assistant. Ten Ten on Davis is averaging twenty eight nine three. I mean they're they're they're both but the the bronze and then he's second in a league in block. Yeah of these averaging over eight or something like that. He's averaging two and a half again that's the problem with Lebron's because much like you say no if he if he's dishing doing in not scoring two points dishes so now now let's focus is. Don't worry on the dish and if he if he doesn't dish and he doesn't score right now the focus is going to be as rebound he his defense. So it's it's it's it's a really interesting conversation because you gotta ask yourself are the Lakers got to ashes. Are they beholden to the best team in the League because ad is doing his offense but more importantly he's anchoring that defense or is it because Lebron James Leading the league in assists and making things easier for everybody including yes yes yes key automatically so I had a great night. Look Alex Caruso is GonNa play important minutes and take important shots on a team this competing for an NBA Championship House cruise down last night. No good there's era he. He's fine him though he found him and stuff I the article say what they wanna read. It was too long. The Lakers find players. They've they've had far better luck away from the top of the draft and they have love at the bottom. Speaking of the top of the draft to those players we shipped out to get eighty. We'll Lonzo is such a dynamic guy. When he plays that he put up two points the other night he missed just every three point shot he he? He did have two assists he did play play twenty nine minutes long. I don't want to seize the court in no no. No you get you ready. Lonzo Lonzo sucks rob just my executive of the year because he just pulled the biggest creole okeydoke in a history of Creole Okeydoke. He's symptom picks in exchange for freaking V.. Who just dropped fifty minutes drive in an MVP? He had to send them something and they want to be there just letting reading. But I'm just saying I mean they're they. That was highway robbery was we'll we'll see what this draft picks turned into road but no remember. Were there were. There was talk like Woo. Lakers gave all that out there just talking there. Was that talk now. Watch what there was talk that was out there. Rows there's no question about it all the experts in the NBA. All these guys like come on Man Stop Stop. It was the only one that ever watched Lonzo play. I I thought that was. He had an opportunity to be away from Lebron and he can just Kinda grow as an NBA player. I thought he would be much better her. In this scenario I like what you said key about. How eighties that Lebron's look? Look I've got every there's not a piece of hardware that Lebron doesn't have he's got MVP's he's got all NBA MVP everything you could want. Abby ship bringing all of it well scoring title that being said You know we've talked about this. He's not just competing against the other players in the NBA. Right now he's not just competing with Jaanus and steaming. Anthony Davis revie. PC He's competing against history he's competing against Jordan and what Michael Jordan did not do winning. MVP in his seventeenth. Okay so this is another one. This wasn't isn't even conversations. Lebron James can never be six and owned the finals and I know that Jordan people price screaming at the rim sixty six. No never never WANNA chit without Pippin. Sit Six zero six zero. Lebron James Might Win an MVP in his seventeenth season in the league. Lebron James might get his fourth. NBA Ring this season season. Lebron James is the best player in basketball seventeen seasons into his career. So how many times in the championship into it nine nine nine. And he's won three. Yes so if he goes ten and four. I think I would rather be. I'd rather go Tina Win. Four six and Oh yes seek yes in the seventeen take shake next key. Let's start with a college football. Take it or shake it right out of the gate. The committee got it right by seating. LSU Number One Ohio state number two Clemson and oh you at three and four Lsu is the best team in college football and should be the number one seed take it or shake it take it it take you guys asleep today. It is certainly the best team in college football I watched him dominate Georgia from from beginning to end so happy for coach. Oh it was just. It was amazing it was amazing the to watch line take care of business and get things done the way that they did. It was really striking to see John Robinson on the sidelines with Marcus Allen knowing that Oregon could have been the head coach at USC. and seeing John Ron Robinson in purple again do I need to say John. Robinson and Eddie Auto side-by-side Dave Campo it it Klay Hilton side by side the same according to the L. A. Times article yes. They saved a lot of money by letting John Robinson go all right. Let's go to the next one. Let's go to the forty niners Jimmy G. Goes into the superdome beats the New Orleans. Saints the forty niners. Jimmy G. are good enough to win the Super Bowl. Bill would take it take a based on what I saw. Yesterday I think the San Francisco Forty niners or good enough to win the super run on whether or not they make it. It's a different story. But if they get there they are good enough to win it. Here's Kyle Shanahan talking about it's quarterback. He's unbelievable no matter what happens. Is that a lot of good games this year. I'm he's had some times where we meet has made some mistakes and he's the same guy every day just to be able to deal with that crowd noise to deal with adversity. That went in all throughout the game to deal with me You know he's He's the same. He's really WanNa coach for that reason. I wouldn't say he's unbelievable but he's really good. The march actions unbelievable. You gotTa really really good quarterback that's not hate but that's just letting you know that I think that'd be enough though I mean he's GonNa problem up but there's no use like that's that's what he doesn't matter. The Jimmy G.. The holiest cool that that he's that he doesn't seem to sweat too much that even we've seen him in some type games at the end we saw awed against Seattle. We've seen it against Baltimore. We saw yesterday and he doesn't have that what the Hell's going on look he's got the I got this look. Yeah because he hasn't had that yet he has a hat. What the Hell's going on? Look yet I mean the teams that that they've lost to you go back and you look at what the Hell's going on. Yeah you could point to that. But most of the Games that they they played this year. He's been pretty good. You know not overly exciting but just a guy who you say okay he's very serviceable. Did you late yesterday. He kinda play. You Know Predator service that Putt that put for the touchdown that was put he being up to the topless CAMIs panicked star grabbing fallen that if they would've played it right that's a pig. That wasn't no no hell of a perfect throw. Yeah it was a dime. Donald Stop to the Patriots have regret no for trade him. No brings us to our next one. The Patriots Hey traits will not go to the Super Bowl because of their offense take it or shake shake You know I wouldn't say that you still believe in. I'm sticking stick with him to the end. 'cause I believe that they know what they're doing outlook they may not go to the Super Bowl. But I'll be damned if they not playing the AFC championship game. I'd I understand. CASSIE did them. A number Baltimore worked him earlier in the year. It's the bills game was just thing about while some about New England Hale. Kansas City is so cold blooded with New England. Kansas City equipment got shipped the Newark so I mean suggests that the New England patriots. But here's the here's the biggest difference this year and again this could be the worst. Take in the history of the world because you could turn around in January and there they are again again it would be a huge surprise. Usually the Patriots struggle with a portion of their game in September and October usually by December then got an ironed out. They've got it figured out pretty well right right right now. They're playing their worst football the year heading into the postseason and usually it's the opposite. Usually there peaking at this. You see what games they have remaining and left on his schedule the jets at a dolphin in the bills. Yeah I know. But if the offense that's the powder understanding of trick plays and Tom Brady Ranford as long as you carry and like five seasons still came up short just remember The Patriots had Kansas City equipment shipped to.

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