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Twenty seven six and over dustin. Connor says i'm only count knockouts in records nowadays. He's only lost once. This guy's lost more. It is been personal in this build up between connor and dustin. The last time caught her in dust and fought. Connor has come out and said to both aerial wanting and stephen a smith who is now the insider for espn with interviews excited to hear those continue to go. Conor mcgregor said the last time we thought it was seventy five eighty percent of boxing. I was getting ready for manny. Pack yell that's what he said he's seventy five eighty percent which is a charity. Didn't really focus on the mixed martial arts. He said this time the family's not around it is one hundred percent focused on mixed martial arts. He already had a fight scheduled in jerry world. I think with manny pack. Yale boxing that he was looking ahead to this time. He's not doing that. He's back to the asshole. Hungry mean vicious killer conor mcgregor. That is what he said. We will find out tomorrow night. I believe we will have a boost on fan at some point today. Boosting conor mcgregor knockout. I don't know what from two what to. But i'm on his side and it'd be honest. I hope it happens because i have been a notorious connor mcgregor fan for a long time. Although i know he's been through a lot and he's waking up in satin sheets in yachts and i don't know how easy it is to get up and want to kill somebody when you have to do that. Like he was in his documentary living in the attic of his mom's house in initiate shit training. And then all the way to the superstardom with proper twelve selling and making hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars being the highest paid athlete at such a young age. I mean what he has done is absolutely wonderful. I'm not one hundred percent sure. All that success is conducive to continued success in the fighting world. I think it is proven time and time again that it is hard to hit the streets in hit the ground and get beat up every single morning. If you're incredibly wealthy conor mcgregor seems to have gone back in time with his attitude and he also said to employ that does employees wife wanted to fuck him. At one point eight is going to be insane. Can't wait to watch it. Are you guys going to be watching. Or you just gonna watch highlights on sunday when you wake up on social media. Give a run for sure because sugar sean. To and hardy hannah chance. I'll watch the sugar. Sean is going to be probably at some point. I believe is the first fight on the pay per view cards. So they'll get my money. Yep because the sugar sean. Match leading off. Now greg hardy. Fighting that's fascinating gets knocked out really bad. Everybody on earth wants to get. I think so. He's not good right. He's a good fighter. He's not gonna. I mean i don't think he won his last fight but i don't think he really did much. You're you're saying greg card naga fighter. Angie hit well. I think he's a piece of shit as a human. You know for sure which has been. He came out yet said yesterday or two days ago. He said i've been found guilty of nothing. I've been accused of the narrative about me. That was his big angle. Then he cut a promo on. Sean merriman i think and then some other things happen but whenever he i got into the ufc. I remember dana lights. Here's fight yeah. This guy is terrorists photos of his exxon. A bed of guns in this in stories this days fighting these like these and now he's gotten to the point. Where has he had any recent fuck ups. I don't think any fuck us. But he doesn't have any notable fights eater but he ow connor said khabib doesn't either for his first twenty fights that there was another thing it seems like connor is angling for his next fight to be khabib now could be what twenty nine an hour or something like twenty nine. Oh his dad passes away he. He said he wanted to go thirty now and retire. Then he retires and then dana says come back maybe and then no. He's officially retired in. Connor was like connor saluted him by the way he gave them like a good run when his dad passed away in stephen a. About so as nothing. Nothing in this sport. He went back to seemed like back in the day. Kind of angling for that fight. Which i think the world wants to see right. The last time they fought there was a brawl out in the audience in everything like that. It's just when connors into fight game. There's so much conversation to be. Had that thing's going to be so late. There's no way. I make it up as them. They'll get my money for sugar. Can't wait to watch. But if connor doesn't win what happens after this. he just starts boxing. Everybody i don't know might as well. i mean. it doesn't matter though. Does it if you'll sell out every arena exact fight for look at d. As in phoenix. Right when diaz was in phoenix. That place was ideas crowd. He could've d- as is it he. He's still the no matter. How if he wins or loses. People love him by the way. He could've one that. I think late in a i could see. Maybe he didn't know that but he caught diaz is still d. as he's awesome he's going to be must watch. Connor always be that way but he has one hundred million. Yeah so. I don't. I don't know how much i think it seems. Ariel says he's back. he's hungry. He wants to take it over again. I hope we get another run of that. That'd be awesome. But i think reality could potentially set in. I hope not. I hope he wins again and gets going. Yeah i mean if he gets. Beat i don't know he might be done with see. We're kind of talking about it before the show like it would make sense if he did a one off with jake. Paul like the staple center and then because paul's burying both connor and dana white. Right exactly yeah you know. And then after that goes and fights logan over in dublin or something like that like he's got plenty of options. I just don't know if he'll keep grinding in the afc. I hope he gets a win this week. Yeah could be 'cause everybody he fights. There's good build up good promise. Seems like there's genuine. He you know. Suffer this last one against us and where he was like superman advantium representing sport. I'm trying to he said i'm trying to stay sharp. that was. he's trying to stay sharp. That's why he was doing the dust employees fighting the dozen. Beats or whatever. And i it seems but everybody else he gets in a beef and then it seems like like they settle it afterwards after you fight like that's kind of the cool thing about fighting back in the day before he was kind of banned in public but definitely in the. Ufc you fight you settle it then kind of shake hands move on this one..

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