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Live from NPR news. I'm Barbara Klein, the top national security official at the Justice Department is stepping down. NPR's Ryan Lucas reports, John D. Emerged as a Trump appointee who was asked to stay on by the Biden administration. The department official says Demers will be leaving by the end of June in a departure that was long planned. Still, his exit comes in the wake of a series of revelations about the department's use of secret subpoenas to obtain records of at least two House Democrats as well as reporters from the Washington Post, New York Times and CNN. Revelations that triggered an uproar among Democrats and free press advocates. Attorney General Merrick Garland says in a new statement that there are important questions that must be answered about the department's actions which took place during the Trump administration. The Justice Department's inspector general has already announced an investigation into the matter. Brian Lucas. NPR NEWS Washington, Novak says it's developed another highly effective covid 19 vaccine. The Maryland based companies has a large study finds its more than 90%, effective against all strains tested. Nova back says it will apply for emergency use authorization by the end of summer. NATO leaders have issued a statement on China that echoes a major part of yesterday's Group of seven communique. It says Beijing's aggressive behavior present systemic challenges to the rules based international order, but the 30 heads of state and government, notably avoid calling China arrival. Earlier today, President Biden met with leaders of the three Baltic nations that border Russia as NPR's Franco Ordonez reports. Biden wants to coordinate with him ahead of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin Wednesday. The White House says Biden met with the leaders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to discuss the threat. Russia poses to NATO's eastern flank. A senior administration official said Biden communicated US support to the region and shared more of his goals about seeking a stable and constructive relationship with Russia. Russia is a centerpiece of discussions at the NATO summit. White House officials say U. S and European leaders are united in opposition against Russia's increasingly malign behavior. Biden travels to Geneva to meet with Putin on Wednesday after a host of meetings here in Brussels at the NATO and US EU summits Franco or Dona as NPR NEWS, BRUSSELS The Taliban have issued a veiled warning to Turkey. They will not tolerate Turkish forces lingering in Afghanistan, once U. S. And allied NATO forces leave expected September 11th. NPR's DEA Hadid reports. President Erdogan said over the weekend that Turkey was the only reliable country left to stabilize Afghanistan. After the withdrawal of foreign forces. In response, the Taliban issued a statement saying they would view any such forces as occupiers and treat them as they've treated other foreign forces. That would mean insurgent attacks until.

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