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Turned ugly quickly tonight state troopers responded to eight separate crashes on i 90 between north bend and press did one involving a military convoy but there are no major injuries let's get right to steve pool how's it look well it is getting better let show you this convergence on and we so often talk about that are kind of explain what it is what happens is we get some wind coming down the strait of juan de fuca and coming from the south at the same time when those two wins if you will where they collide you get a lot of uplift in if it's cold enough it could be in the form of snow so that's what was going on now we see it beginning to change and slowly ramp down so i don't think we're going to have a big problem with this going forward if you look at this is kind of gives you the overall picture yeah are some moisture out there but it belies what happened in the end the passes tonight it's not nearly as bad but i think for most other folks so the headlines for tonight the snow chances still cut out there but it's going to end fairly soon the rain is going to take over and probably a lot of it and it's going to get warmer soon as well i'll have more detail on all of this with the main forecast that's coming up a little bit active there are twenty one crews are perched on the edge of a ditch trying to recover a caller and its driver's body is another live view of that seen this state route sixteen just beyond the tacoma narrow bridge and gig harbor shippers say the car had a pole and then went off the highway and the man driving didn't survive crews are now trying to figure out how to get that vehicle back up that cliff a bainbridge island woman is suing delta air lines she help bring attention this sexual assault on airplanes tonight she told komo is drill marino she hopes.

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