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Was going to school in baltimore it was nineteen seventy nine and our first night there shut thompson broadcaster great broadcaster for the orioles back in the sixties and seventies acknowledged our school around about the seventh inning stretch you know and and his comment was i have never seen a more enthusiastic bunch of baseball fans than the blind yeah yeah and what was the school that you were down going down there maryland school for the blind in baltimore for you good for you good for you just being in the ballpark dave at the atmosphere the smell and all of that the this all that i sometimes close my eyes at the ballpark so i can i can understand how how much of a thrill it must've been the auras winlose that abacha they won back in seventy nine that night a year yes only right every game that i went to a grove our school a from our school went to the orioles one and i've been to seven of them and we won all seven well i'll tell you one quick funny story i threw the first pitch out of the number of lowell spinners games in one one night i was out in the the bullpen and i was talking to this guy who was the bullpen coach before the game i just playing catch to make sure it wasn't gonna make a complete fool of myself and so introduced myself scott mcgregor yeah who was the the bullpen coach for the for the the single eighteen the firebirds the buoy base hawks so that the double eighteen for the for the orioles we'll talk soon okay thanks dave okay enjoy your four thanks much thank you very much go from dave in new jersey to david in michigan david michigan you're going to talk about your brush with celebrity my friend yeah i got a couple of them head one of the top politicians of our times mr president william j clinton really oh yeah he was in kalamazoo on ninety six second campaign most amazing replace derrick jeeter kalamazoo michigan yeah it is oh kalamazoo essential and i think we well we talked about we're we're going to do a hillary clinton trump do over remember that last summer yes the second time i've called yup anyway as i was saying met mr clinton i'm probably the most amazing experience i've ever had in my life just the things that go on the the people around him the preparations they make even before they let him view the peop it's like a service it was surrealistic experience always this after his presidency yeah this was the second campaign so so he was president of the united states oh got you okay get a chance to get a picture or shake his hand or his hand they put me in the front row because i'm active in the democratic party here very conservative side of the state this is the west side of the state where i live in but there are some democrats here you're over there in gerald ford country right oh yeah sure so who is this was the second one is the second of russia the second one the last thirty one game winner in major league baseball denny maclaine dynamically met him last summer what is denny maclaine doing now what is he doing living in a small town in northern michigan he told me we had a a wonderful visit he likes the peppers language with the f word oh yeah sure yeah and had an awful time you know worse than the worst i think denny maclaine ended up behind bars for awhile oh yeah experience there he had a paint company if you remember denny maclaine paint well anyway before long before i met him a few years before i met him my banker here from a midwestern chain of banks he danny was in our town here for some sort of fundraiser was a golf thing i think and the pro he wasn't the president was a branch manager of this bank got a mclane autograph golf towel with the corporate logo of this bank sure and he gave this to me because while i'm friends with him we we talked so i'm a huge fan i suppose obviously sure anyway so we'll see danny last summer i took this towel with me to show donnie and outcome of that was really his autograph and he looked at and he says yes it was so good for you i get.

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