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Still early next week Tuesday highs in the upper eighties close to 90 and the common Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Kristen Clark, just 60 downtown right now. Come on His time. 906 20 minutes of nonstop news continues as a memorial continues to grow at the brothel Police Department for Fallen Officer Jonathan Shoop. Come on. Suzanne Font spoke to the man who was hit on his scooter by the man. Shoop and his partner were trying to stop. Jalen Irvin just got home from the hospital. He's got 20 stitches in his head, and he's still in a lot of pain. He says his leg broke in three places Monday night after Henry Washington allegedly plowed into him. Urban says he and his friend were out on their scooters when I hear a car, so I look I see him coming to see him go through the things I could see his headlights mainly and try to dodge. Whatever he smacks me. I was conscious little time. Remember him hitting me? I was in the air spun around a lot. It was like a flute like 50 feet. Then after that, I was just on the ground waiting for the cops. And then that's when he started. Shooting is also the man accused of killing officer shooting, Injuring shoots partner is Henry Washington and his partner stop Washington because he didn't have a license plate. Suzanne von Communists and Washington is expected to be formally charged Today. The Heat we've had this week is likely to get a jump start to our wildfire season washed out, says he's seen an increasing number of fires along state roadways. Cruise air behind in some areas mowing for the fire season. So brush maybe a little bit higher than normal. Some areas, washout says, never tossed anything, let out the window. Keep your vehicle out of the dry grass or brush. And if you're driving an RV for the first time, make sure the safety chains are secure A dragging Chang and easily spark a wildfire. Connell's Ryan Yamamoto, a Timber technology.

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