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Thanks for joining us. I'm Dave Scott. And I'm actually listening. A father showing up at school could be a kids worst nightmare. Embarrassing, right? But when a policy of dads started showing up at southwood high school in Shreveport, Louisiana, it was an answer to prayer. Let's back up for a moment. Last month, 23 students were arrested over three days as a series of fights broke out. The atmosphere among the 1700 students was tense. In response, more than 30 students and staff gathered around the school flagpole on September 29th for a prayer meeting. Within days, 5 fathers showed up in t-shirts with the words dads on duty across their chests. They didn't carry guns or act as enforcers. They greeted the students told dad jokes and walk the halls making comments such as young man. Pull your pants up. The group's founder, Michael lafitte told ksla TV and Shreveport, were not a security force in any way. We're just fathers who are changing the narrative. Mister defeat is also chair of the local NAACP chapter. Southwood principle Kim Pendleton says the dads are delivering an important message. There's someone that cares about me. There's someone who's invested in my education and in my future. The dad's on duty group has grown to more than 40 men. A handful show up at south would high daily. The brawls have stopped. What happened? Has one student told CBS News, you ever heard of a look, a dad look? As a dad, I may be biased, but perhaps there's a message here about how to deliver discipline in schools. Gently, with a sense of humor, but firmly. Like a loving father. Now, today's stories. Our first story, the top down model of change suggests that leadership in the U.S. and democracies in general is too slow to respond effectively to climate shifts. Our reporter examines the grassroots models driven by cities and voters that may offer a more credible path to progress. Heading into a global seminar and climate change, the big headline from Washington is that president Joe Biden's signature initiative for clean energy has failed to pass muster, with a congressional majority. Is meaningful climate action doomed? Some advocates have questioned whether the American political system is equipped to.

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