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You looked at any of his financial documents no okay well that's a problem ramming in all of us are smart enough to know that if if the lender has not looked at any of our buyers financial documents how do they possibly no i mean you laugh rao announced that simple if you just called the if rose in emmett called the lindor and pay have you looked at the buyers financial documents or which financial documents of the buyers have you reviewed an issue in this preapproval and when they say none i think we all know that there's no possible way to get a mortgage without having your financial documents reviewed it they're not used to be there's not anymore there's no more stated income loans there's no more loans without documents so if the lender hasn't reviewed the bean financial documents how can they possibly know that they are able to buy your house the answer is there can't and if you know that up front as a seller you can make a better financial decision and you find yourself in this situation aright john is listening right now and likened the tez and listening to the show and i did hear the same thing on the radio that robert this morning about credit scores i feel really silly asking this question but i don't know how to look for my credit score and i don't know what i'm looking for because i've heard iin in office talk of experience trans union uh i don't have any idea what i'm looking for her i feel bad for him so personally i use my code dot com that and so so for some of our newer listeners the score fico f icao stance for fullfare isaac corporation and they've actually changed their name now they they don't go buy fair i was getting where these go by fico that's what everyone else mas but originally they recalled fair isaac corporation and and they came up with this whole idea they were going to take your credit score ruinous stick it for he algorithm formula software black box and it's gonna come back with number represents how likely you are chaozhou default on future credit and these guys pioneered this this methodology.

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