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A bath is an oil is a topical Do Smoke, is it? A suppository is taken in food. Is it in English ran the above and I'm sure as you said. Everybody's everybody's body is different so I'd love to know what you've learned especially in your podcast, because you must be hearing stories from hundreds or thousands of women. Yes most definitely animation bid on our radar for a very long time. What I love about our podcast, is that it really able to raise awareness on this topic so I think our first episode is actually covering Demitrio Sis, and we have another episode with a doctor who talks even deeper about CBD in Wyatt, so effective for me, trio says. On our PODCAST, we love to have a disclaimer that obviously none of this information is to treat cure. I diagnosed. Anyone are really just stories that were sharing, but at the end of the day. What I love is that we're finding. Is that using cannabis -cations? Are Incredibly effective for women with endometriosis and the thing about cannabis, just to take one step back that we all have an endo. Canaveral it system in body, which is super cool that we're don't really learn about in school. Of course, just like we have a respiratory system in a muscular system in the central nervous system, we also have an endo cannabinoid system specifically for processing cabinets like THC CD, and what's really cool is that we have a lot of Seaweed CB two receptors in our uterus lining, and within our pelvic floor, and also within our breast tissue, so clearly we. Are Very familiar with CBD within the body and. When it comes to using it. As an application or specifically for women with endometriosis or finding that? suppositories are incredibly effective for women. What I love about suppositories is that has a pretty as a has prolonged effect six to eight hours, and you can make this at home as well, but there are so many amazing endometriosis advocates that have videos on how to make your own suppositories at home with infusing cannabis oil with a shea, butter, or coconut, oil or..

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