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Which i'm white is able to operate in than perhaps attached is feel. He's still building towards that. Yeah i feel this is now. He had last season as his first full season Is that right. He came in. Yeah you come in half free the one before locked every freedom all over the place. But i feel like yeah. The jury is very much on our tattoo. Now and i very much if i could see them when you look at their team and you look at the rest of the premier league out very much seen them finishing seven eight nine again. And if that's the case then auditor is not doing a good job and you probably need someone else in to move the club forward because they they've moved past. This stingy time spent a fair amount of money in the last five years. And you look assignment club. Pepe the haven't worked out. You look like Yeah yeah he's constantly out online. Sorry fund but not point dear villa's goalkeeper martinez. I can't say emmy plenty of that. He's my favorite emmy bay emmy martinez look people offering letters. Get-go keeping a lot fans or martinez is better. There's bad businesses been done by us. North alice twenty three million last year. Debut Here are like yeah. Yeah just like they are they spend in and Yeah it. I'm totally with you on the front. That do you think is maybe a a cut above a think. He has really strong potential. But things seem to go with the sandbox. Awesome nestle the fact that they spent fifteen million pound on. Ben why is it harassments. How fawn how difficult to searches. The definitely i think lokongo could a dynamic midfielder. You look party. They've also got. There is another expensive. Sonnenburg is a very very good player. Terrific caliber They're all the makings of a team. That could be doing well but then you look at wage structure and teams of finishing above them. They need to start delivering and they've asked gallach players that sort of during their prime now Were you surprised that they would remove latorre because strike air isn't exactly some for the stands up to me as a need act. Suppose if you've yes yes it did yeah yet. Did i take note the corner of thinking behind in incense thought they kind of heavy will not but maybe i is it was it more case that and because they have spoken the It's been said that spurs have that kind of deal in place with martinez before Chelsea has in place with the cocky so there how much was actually done beforehand.

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