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Hey, it's Tom Terry. This is where Orlando turns first for breaking news, weather, and traffic. News ninety six five WDBO weather. Brought to you by Southey steel appliance warehouse. Isolated showers are developing now a few more will build for the beginning of the afternoon drive. Now, the highest chance that you'll run into some of this rain for the drive home will be the second half, the commute will keep rain in the forecast for the first part of the evening tapering overnight down to sixty eighty to a slight chance of a shower. From channel nine eyewitness news. I'm meteorologist George Waldenberger. Now face touch security triple team traffic. I four eastbound slow at champions gate. Make sure your lights are on. You're going to be driving through some rain slow through Disney Osceola Parkway to five thirty five Sand Lake to Kirkman at Keighley. Faraway to Fairbanks good twenty minutes. You're slow at Maitland. Four thirty-six four thirty four to the rest and forty six to the bridge. Westbound heavy now past Lake Mary par to the four hundred eight then OBT to the turnpike. Ten to fifteen minutes from the beach. Line past Central Florida Parkway Osceola Parkway to the four twenty nine got a crash on seventeen ninety two northbound past Maitland and one on Kirkman south of L McLeod. With traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning, we're helping you get to work on time. I'm Jackie O'Brien. He's ninety six point five WDBO. Hey, Sean Hannity here. Every time I m in Orlando while I'm blown away by the amount of traffic and nothing is more frustrating than getting stock. I want. Traffic's a major problem. News ninety six five WDBO will break into my show with a red alert traffic report when there's a major problem in traffic will give you the info right away. When you are stuck in traffic. We are right here for you. And with you, this is where Orlando turns for frequent traffic alerts..

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