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Sports flag right guys will start in the NBA where we had plenty of action as Chris said we'll start with Kawhi Leonard thirty three points ten rebounds ten assists that's his first career triple double believe it or not clippers beat the heat one twenty two one seventeen designed Williamson played in his second game twenty minutes fifteen point six rebounds and it wasn't enough pelicans are now only two would sign the lineup nuggets beat the pelicans one thirteen one oh six Russell Westbrook had forty five rockets beat the Timberwolves one thirty one one twenty four sons get thirty five from Devin Booker the did the spurs one of three ninety nine kings over the bulls ninety eighty one thunder beat the hawks won forty one eleven raptors take out the next one eighteen one twelve temple Walker at thirty seven Celtics come from behind to beat the magic one oh nine ninety eight Grizzlies over the pistons one twenty five one twelve Bucks in order to play in Paris it was a home game for Charlotte it was a win for Milwaukee one sixty one of three Yanis thirty points sixteen rebounds six assists but for the first ten to forty wins in the end the other forty and six last but not least Pacers beat the warriors to chase center in San Francisco one twenty nine one eighteen T. J. ward at thirty three de Angelo Russell had thirty seven hi to the college game we go just one game inside the top twenty five number thirteen Butler beach Marquette in overtime eighty nine to eighty five Butler proves to sixteen and four on the season football news Browns running back Corey not pulled over for speeding they found small amounts of marijuana in his vehicle as well meanwhile head coach at Orgeron as we discuss the college game he knows you have agreed to a six year contract extension valued at more than forty two million dollars farmers insurance open two rounds complete tiger goes sixty nine seventy one that's a four under total through two rounds he six shots of the lead hell by Ryan Palmer Palmer shot sixty two on Friday he's ten under two shots.

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