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Was met by the way by a chorus of boos after appearing in court today. Let's go back to the Washington. Shut down. Some DC insiders say the significant flight delays in the northeast earlier today broke the law jam ABC's. Aaron Katersky with more on that for the deal to reopen. The government hundreds of. Flights were delayed at LaGuardia Newark and other northeast airports Federal Aviation officials blamed a shortage of air traffic. Controllers ABC news has learned the slowdown can be traced to six controllers at the air. Traffic control centre in Leesburg Virginia who called out sick. That's nearly half of those scheduled to work at an air, traffic control centre responsible for a chunk of airspace in the mid Atlantic. The delays were so bad. At one point the White House said President Trump had been briefed three hours later. He announced a deal to end the shutdown. Aaron Katersky ABC news New York passengers at Logan doing what they can this Friday to get where they're going after that ground stop in New York. WBZ's? Karyn regal check things out at Logan. And has this report Anka is visiting from Virginia yet we were delayed because of whether there are several cancellations. So we stayed another night in Boston. And now we are flying through LaGuardia. And we know that their problems in my Guardia, so fingers crossed do you feel like a lucky person? Well, I don't and I talked to another guy who's already rented a backup rental car. In cases flight to Philly fails at Logan. Karyn regal WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. We'll go back to our top story coming out of DC breaking the law jam in just a moment. But right now, the logjam on the roads, it's Friday. That's an edible. It's traffic.

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