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From hurricanes to earthquakes and cyber warfare. Every American should have a plan to get through an emergency natural disaster power being out for weeks. This is more urgent than ever. We've seen again government response and repair it infrastructure can be slow. It's just the way it is the best place to start is storing food that lasts up to twenty five years build a supply over time. So you're ready now I trust and use my patriot supply for my food storage. Make today the day you do the same everyone in your household should have a four week emergency food kit, and there's a special on them. Save one hundred dollars. When you go to my special website prepare with Mark dot com. Now these four week food kits are ship fresh discreetly to your door. So I would do it right away right away. Order and save one hundred dollars per kit on their bestseller this week. Call eight hundred two nine four twenty three twenty five eight hundred two nine four twenty three twenty five or go online to prepare with Mark dot com. Preparewithjoe dot com. Whatever this world cooks up. No with this that you are prepared. With your food eight hundred two nine four twenty three twenty five or prepare with Mark dot com. We'll be right back. Mm-hmm. Be sure to catch us on KFI AM be that's a lawyer in bluejeans show every Sunday nine to ten. We talked special guest commentary, wacky laws all kinds of neat stuff. And don't miss a tell your friends about every Sunday, nine o'clock on KFI MB business needs fast, secure networks to be efficient and profitable detail. Can help you keeping your data secure your business. Safe and connected. We've been helping San Diego businesses since nineteen Eighty-three detail can provide experts solutions for networks voice over IP, wireless and video security. We can help you make the right choices for your business. Call detail at eight five eight five seven one.

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