China, Taiwan, Biden Administration discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia


Prime minister as Shinzo Abe expressing strong words for China regarding Taiwan And all right thank you Brian You're right I'll be saying China invading Taiwan would be its economic suicide Avey says it would pull Japan the U.S. would create real crisis he says further actions will blur the lines between peace and war He says peace between China and Taiwan are the only option Beijing has responded that the remarks are irresponsible and that it is China's internal affair U.S. and EU officials are going to discuss a joint approach to China tomorrow and what is being called a high level dialog saying a common bond makes it harder for China to ignore what the globe is thinking The Biden administration's Asia's are Kurt Campbell as saying that August the partnership between the U.S. Australia and the UK is a defining effort against China He says China's efforts in just about every field has stepped up to destabilize the end of Pacific and that ultimately I think what I'm suggesting is that Australian sailors will have the opportunity to serve on American vessels and vice versa I think you can expect American submarines support more commonly in Australian ports Now camo speaking before the lowy group saying China threat to the globe is very real and a critical stage First U.S. home across varying cases have been identified here in San Francisco California health secretary doctor grey colfax says San Francisco resident coming back from South Africa November 22nd getting a positive test result on the 29th And they did the right thing and got tested and reported their travel history They had received a full dose of the Moderna vaccine but no booster Colfax has mild symptoms Governor Gavin Newsom intimates oma cron cases probably aren't just California It's not surprising in many respects that California's announcing the first case This state this is the birthplace after all of BioTech of life sciences UCSF one of the leading genomic sequencing institutions in the world By the way CDC says all contact tracing has come back negative She was out there for a week and everything has come back negative interesting And the Biden administration is extending a mask mandates on airplanes trains and buses as well as airports and train stations through mid March Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel is stepping up pressure on the unvexed According to a paper obtained by Bloomberg news she wants them to be prevented from going to restaurants movie theaters and non-essential shops calling for mandatory shots by February EU commission president Ursula von der leyen has also saying it is time for discussion on mandatory vaccination U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is saying the U.S. is carefully monitoring Russian troop activity at the Ukrainian border at the NATO meetings Should Russia follow the path of confrontation when it comes to Ukraine We've made clear that we will respond resolutely including with a range of high impact economic measures that we have refrained from pursuing in the past And then the secretary went on to say that exploring all contingencies In San Francisco I met Baxter This is Bloomberg Brian All right thanks very much The time 38 minutes past the hour 22 to the top time for global.

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