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We not fifty five degrees at twelve noon. Good afternoon. I'm Jeff McKinney Notre Dame cathedral scarred. But far from destroyed after yesterday's massive blaze valley to rebuild that ABC's James Longman in Paris says it's a monumental task and an expensive one. So now rebuilding three hundred million dollars has already been pledged for the restoration of this place, including one hundred million by Salma Hayek husband, who is a French citizen two hundred million by other French philanthropist, the money, it seems is going to pour in, but it was a miracle that no more was lost hair. Inspectors and building specialists have been taking a look at the roof and the towers questioning whether they are still structurally sound Parisian still not used to the cathedral spire being gone from the skyline tourist likes Afia Ferraro still stunned. They watched it burn getting bigger and bigger and the towers to towers in the front kept getting darker and darker, and we all felt helpless looking at the cost of rebuilding hundreds of millions of dollars. I'm Cheri Preston. ABC news documents obtained by. NBC news reportedly show, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg oversaw plans to control rivals by selling access to user data. Facebook says the leaked documents have been cherry-picked and are misleading general William bar expected to release his edited version of the mullahs report to congress and the public on Thursday. Here's ABC's Pierre. Thomas day coming Thursday, we've seen less than one hundred words out of that roughly four hundred pays report. We're hoping to find out how many Trump associates were in contact with Russians. What were the details of plan for a possible Trump Tower in Moscow and how hard did members of the Trump campaign try to find out and get information from WikiLeaks about those e mails hacked by the Russian from the DNC, and then there's Lois findings on the questions of obstruction of Justice. He did not exonerate the president. We'd like to see some specifics of what Trump did that concern Muller, and we're expecting to learn what Muller was struggling with. And why he could not make that final. Call a crackdown on subway fare beaters is underway. The NYPD says in the first three months of this year. There are twenty one thousand summonses issued and that's about twice as many as we're issue during. The same period last year, a Brooklyn schoolteacher being arraigned later today after being charged with sexually abusing student. Police say Daniel Sant Iago at twenty nine year old who taught a PS two forty four in east flatbush targeted an eleven year old girl. A Brooklyn orthodox Jewish daycare shut down in the midst of the ongoing measles outbreak cities health department shut down the United musical academy preschool program after reportedly refused to turn over immunization and attendance records forty four new cases of measles. If been reported since last Tuesday when the mayor issued an emergency order for everyone living working or going to school in several mostly acidic neighborhoods to get vaccinated or face, a one thousand dollar fine. Two of the new cases were reported at the academy so far Twenty-three. She is in daycare programs have received violation notices for ignoring the mayor's order Alice stack in Rozina seven ten W O wire and the man accused of throwing a small child off a balcony at Minnesota's mall of America in court today. Prosecutors say. Twenty four year old Emmanuel Ronda told investigators he had been unsuccessful talking to women at the mall, costing him to lash out he plotted to kill someone at the mall, April eleventh, but it didn't work out. So he came back the next day. He was looking for an adult because they tended to stand closer to the edge of the third floor balcony. But instead settled on a mother and her five year old son who are outside of the rainforest cafe restaurant. Police say he grabbed the boy and threw him down to the first floor. Rhonda's being held onto million dollar bail. Ryan burrow, ABC news. And a child remains in critical condition with the forecast on the way university of Maryland.

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