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To of scheduling games all across the state when there was not an organized way to do it for a luck dance by other teams to play against fort shaw which by this point had proven itself to be a powerhouse and just being more focused on preparing for a multi month trip to st louis according to the anaconda standard it was because quote there is no girls team in the state that can give them anything like a tussle they stand alone and unrivaled whatever the reason for charges didn't get much of a competitive scheduled together for the nineteen or three season so instead of playing against other teams fort shaw spent most of the season playing scrimmage games this gave the new players more opportunities to play and practice performing in front of a crowd meanwhile the schools vocational classes made new uniforms still with longsleeved tops was sailor callers and bloomer like pants with red and white trim to distinguish between the two scrimmage teams in addition to all their scrimmage exhibitions the young women had a lot of other skills to brought to brush up on before going to the world's fair in addition to doing their academic and vocational work in front of an audience that the model indian school they would be performing in mandolin recitals doing literary recitations and giving demonstrations of gymnastics and calesthenics lizzy worth acted as choreographer for their demonstrations and foreshadows shows music teacher fern evans set the program and trained them further musical recitals lilley be crawford train them and they're literally recitations which was the one aspect of their preparation that the girls struggled with most of the girls have been playing team games together since childhood and they had been studying music since they entered forshaw the schools music program was also highly regarded with the band accompanying the basketball team and holding performances at halftime and after the game but almost none of them really had any experience speaking in front of a.

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