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News from the Bloomberg Market Minute on 700. W L. Geology. All right, Jeff Bellenger, how in the World area Doing? Well, it's Friday. How are you? That's that's pretty much sums it up right there. Yes, it does. All right. Joe Biden's laying out a plan and There's some skepticism. Believe it or not, yeah, in the markets anyway, there is some skepticism. Optimism about the $1.9 trillion package did turn to some concern about the possibility it might get watered down in Congress, and it could lead to tax increases. But economists are cautiously optimistic. They say there is a lot to like in the plan, even if it's in perfect. One concern, though, is that the relief will not be long lasting. All right, and anti trust suit on behalf of the government against Amazon. What's the deal? Right? It's and it concerns the book unit yesterday it was a new investigation by Connecticut. Now the giant online retailer is accused by the federal government of enforcing agreements with five big book publishers driving up the cost of the books, no matter where they're sold. The complaint says the publishers have agreed not to sell their e books anywhere for less than they get on Amazon. The lawsuit is the latest to accuse Amazon of wielding just too much power over online commerce. All right. GM wants to expand the Corvette brand. Let me guess, a Corvette SUV. Could be yes sources. Still Bloomberg, GM is considering building in the electric vehicle inspired by the legendary sports car. The automaker could eventually introduce a family of Corvette branded vehicles. But the most likely model was thought to be a cross over the combines an SUV and a sports car. Really I'm just kidding. When I said that Quick Lord. All right, I give up. All right, You can have a calendar. What's coming up today? All right, We get a lot of economic indicators I had to belong weekend reports on retail sales, wholesale inflation, industrial production and consumer sentiment around the plate this morning. The markets didn't do much yesterday, down NASDAQ and S and P 500 all close slightly lower and the futures of down a little bit this morning s and P futures down. 16 NASDAQ Futures are down 42 in the Dow Futures are down 127 from Bloomberg. I'm Jeff Hullinger on news radio 700 wlw. Alright, juggy..

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