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Reporting that the death of Sir Sean Connery Today, he played James Bond in seven movies. Connery also playing roles in the hunt for Red October, Indiana Jones and many more. He won an Oscar in 1988 as best supporting actor in the Untouchable You Want two BAFTAs three Golden Globes, The Queen of England, knighted. Sir Connery in the year 2000 as Thanksgiving approaches and families think long and hard about their plans. A new report from the CDC looks at covert transmits transmission. In the home Theeighties Jackie Quinn reports. A study released by the U. S. Centers for Disease Control finds the Corona virus can spread more extensively and households than first thought and the Children. Contrast MIT the virus at the same rate as adults. Researchers studied 101 households in Tennessee and Wisconsin and found once a family member got sick 53% of the others did to within about five days. Warnings about political disinformation and scam campaigns rising as we close in on Election Day. ABC is Lindsay Davis reports. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says that disinformation has come in multiple forms had robo calls. We have had false text messages and various other things designed to confuse voters about their rights. Just this week, too. Right wing operatives were indicted in Ohio for allegedly devising a robo calls game aimed at suppressing minority votes across five states, placing thousands False calls like this. You know that if he vote by mail, your personal information will be part of a public database that will be used by police departments to track down old warrant. Federal judge ordered them to stop robo calls before Election Day. In the Michigan attorney general announcing felony charges against Jacob Wall and Jack Burkman and their efforts to intimidate voters ahead of the general election. Better fitting uniforms are coming to the female cadets at West Point, thanks to New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan, doubly busy, Sherry Small explains. In 1976 female cadets were enrolled at the U. S Military Academy at West Point for the first time 44 years later, the 2020 class admitted nearly 300 females. But under West Point policy, they're provided with unisex combat uniforms that many say are ill fitting and hamper their ability to competitively perform. They want female uniforms. They have to pay for them themselves. New Hampshire Senator Maggie hasn't is getting that changed hasn't called on West point to change its policy, saying that it may unintentionally send a message that female cadets are second class Citizens West Point is now pledging future cadets can receive uniforms that best fit their individual body type during Cadet basic training. Sherry Small W. B Z Boston's news radio Animal control officers in mall Burrow are warning residents about a disease similar to Cove it that can easily spread to your pets. Your suddenly be Zeze match here, ER, while humans worry about Cove in 19 dogs have their own virus to watch out for canine distemper is on the rise in the Metro West area. Veterinarian Amelia Sikora recognizes the signs ocular or nasal discharge, coughing. It can also affect their G I system so they could have diarrhea or vomiting. And just like the Corona virus, it is highly contagious and can be fatal. The primary source of transmission is from close contact with wild animals like raccoons or skunks. But the way to prevent it with our own pets is to get them vaccinated regularly by your bet. Even still a good rule of thumb toe lived by. Stay away from wildlife Match your W. B z Boston's news radio. It's 2 20 Countdown is on. People want their places open. 2020 presidential election knew determine the outcome of this election. What will we know? And when will we know it? I paid 27 Joe assures actually find out Election night. Both low ability. BZ Boston's.

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