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Six ninety six eastbound of. Middle belts that accident has cleared. Traffic though still seeing residual delays from two seventy five and I seventy five northbound at fourteen. Mile road there's. An accident it's on the, left shoulder but you're a little slow getting. By their I ninety four westbound. After Grasset there is a disabled vehicle that's been moved off to, the shoulder but traffic is still slow and fifty three southbound before Van Dyke there's an accident in your left. Lane Your, forecast today is calling for sunshine and a. High of ninety degrees it will. Be mostly clear tonight with a low of seventy one and then, on Wednesday mostly sunny and a high of eighty eight right now we do have sunshine and seventy degrees From townhall dot com newsroom. A warranty major says he marked several area fences with racist graffiti to. Get a rise out of people say the boy admitted to vandalizing. Four fences after an, officer found him released Sunday riding a bike. With spray paint in the pocket of his pants Graffiti included swastikas and fourteen eighty eight which is associated with white supremacists over the weekend Warren mayor Jim Fouts said he would pay a one thousand dollar reward for, information that led to the arrest of the person doing the vandalism Police are looking for a man wanted in connection with his girlfriend's. Death Jay Alan Burnett was last seen driving a two thousand five silver Cadillac DeVille with the Michigan license, plate number Bs easy seven eight eight investigators say. Vernet straw, friend was.

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