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Is the place where he is going to probably see the end of his career as a governor and potentially going forward when you have eighty five percent of the legislature that means the republicans own the missouri legislature brian this is a real problem for the governor and i think the end is near what what happens though if if through the courts he is not convicted does that really matter anymore well it certainly will have an effect is you know and we don't have the articles of impeachment drafted as of yet we may never have them but i think we will those articles are going to spell out a series of charges and then the legislature is gonna vote i think if you look at it today it would i'd be hard pressed to see see the legislature not impeaching the governor at this point given just the volume of folks at signed the special session notice that has never happened in the history of missouri ever so this is historic where we are in you know one of the things that i hope doesn't get lost in this brian is that our system of government works checks and balances the legislative branch checking the executive branch that system works it's in place in his so much talk about how our political system and establishment is broken down and can't operate any longer well it's operating here and at least that to me is gratifying and michael back to the point about the court cases your thoughts on if he is acquitted in the courts well as going to say that should they should courts are completely separate issue that's related to his affair with his mistress and in who knows what happens with that the michigan ten years is also in the courts that's another thing we we've seen the missouri legislature which will as essential we act as a grand jury here has pulled together enough facts that it shows that aired writings has real problems was running a shadow campaign and not disclosing it was paying people out of a business when you're supposed to be able to this is exactly what aircraft and said he wasn't going to do he was going to be the most transparent governor i don't think whatever happens with kim gardner in here in.

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