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Turning point. The whole pitch from these ashes and in that brief of so many families in the region of in the toll this has taken the suffering. Hopefully, from these depths of sorrow, people will really Looked into their souls and say, You know, we're going to do better. So this week we're asking, why did Peru have such about pandemic? Baby. See knees. Hello. This is Jerry Smith. The Indian pharmaceutical company licensed to make global supplies of AstraZeneca's Karenna virus vaccine has accused Europe in the United States of holding bank vital raw materials needed for production. The head of the Serum Institute of India are the Panola describe production capacity has stressed alleged Naysmith reports a dip, you know, Wallace says The Serum institute is producing more than 60 million doses of the AstraZeneca jab each month, but it's not enough. Companies under pressure to meet the global demand its license to supply on India's huge need, which the government is directed it to meet their reports of vaccine supplies running out in parts of India, as the country confirmed, another record number of daily covert case is more than 125,000. But other countries need jobs, too. AstraZeneca's issued a legal noticed over the block on exports, which are the puny, Weller admits is hard to justify. The military authorities in Myanmar have arrested one of the country's best known celebrities, Panta Khan, who has been active in protest, calling for a return to democracy. Or a bigger has more details. Let's 24 year old actor model who has over a million fans with here in Thailand and Myanmar, was detained in the early hours of the morning, according to his sister who went on Facebook. He's one Came off hundreds of people who have been detained over the last few weeks since February's coup. In fact, 2800 people have been detained in total, according to local advocacy groups Around 100 arrest warrants were issued last week for journalist celebrity influencers. Anyone who had issued ah kind of condemnation against the military coup who's a high profile person. Had been singled out as someone who would be arrested and detained. Mammals envoy to the UK has spent the night in his car near the embassy in London after he was shot out for opposing the military government. James Lando reports chosen mean was appointed by UN since UCI and last month called for her release. In response, the ambassador was summoned home, but he stayed and now finds himself locked out of his embassy, apparently at the behest of his deputy on the military attache last night, he suggested the British government Would not allow this to continue, but a Foreign Office spokesman said it had received formal notification from the Miramar authorities of the termination of his position. What's clear is the bloody power struggle in Myanmar has now led to a diplomatic standoff on the streets of London. Prominent Hong Kong democracy activist Nathan Law says he's being granted political asylum in Britain after fleeing the territory last year following the introduction by Beijing of a sweeping new security law. Mr Laws have he hoped his own high profile case would help the British immigration authorities understand the situation of other Hong Kong activists whose asylum claims They have less supporting evidence available. News from the BBC. The Philippines has told Beijing to remove all Chinese ships from a disputed sea area. That's become the focus of rising tensions more than 200 large Chinese vessels gathered of wits and reef in the South China Sea. Beijing says they were fishing boats sheltering from bad weather. In a sarcastic tweets, the phone secretary of Manila, Teodoro look seen, Junior said nobody fished by lashing ships together. The Irish for a minister Simon Kompany has warned that someone will get killed unless the writing that has plagued Northern Ireland for several nights has stopped. The violence has been blamed on concerns about the impact of Brexit. Island correspondent and nobody sent this report from.

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