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And one thing I was kind of aware of but it was solidified in my mind is that the Reds were not on seven hundred W. L. W. until nineteen sixty nine so this is like the fifteenth year and so when I was a boy growing up listening to George Bryson and others I'll wait hold wait tell stories they were not here and I as some of the old timers how come waiting Kerry there the Reds games one pal Crosley owned and found that our station and was a long term long time owner of the Reds why would you put the Reds on his station and they weren't here for the weather for the first out one hundred years and of course pal Crosley found at this station in March of nineteen twenty two so why did you put the Reds on it was in this what the answer given to me because I was listening they're often on fifteen thirty thirteen sixty in other places on the AM dial FM didn't exist in the reason was we were the nation's station and power Crosley. and all the Reds owners did not want to give up the availability of time on seven hundred WLW because other things are going on and so the Reds took up too much time and so was until nineteen sixty nine five years before the hall of Famer began in nineteen seventy four seventy four that the Reds are even on our station as well that's kind of interesting and certainly so we're gonna celebrate Marty Brenda hand we've had quite a run in Reds broadcasters if you begin with maybe red barber and then wait holy bribes the greatest pitcher of the nineteen twenties in the greatest broadcaster we ever had until Marty and Joe and then then after Wade Hoyt Joe Nuxhall had come off his career in nineteen sixty six and he hooked up with two or three broadcasters and finally with al Michaels and seventy one seventy two and seventy three and al Michaels and Joe Nuxhall by the way were wonderful wonderful and then in nineteen seventy four I'm coming down the Ho Chi Minh trail I seventy five and on under about that was about a threatening a three or four o'clock game and I'm listening to this new broadcaster named Marty and I said hell is never going to make it as al Michaels and Joe were pretty good man was I wrong about that and so now he spent the last forty six years doing it and his Khan will never come again it's over it's not like saying let's find a replacement for Marty Brennaman that's like finding the right replacement for Harry Carey or vin Scully and I'm going to happen it's just everything is different things are different. and so on I know this is the end of an era but let's celebrate what we have and what we had not what's going to be it's unfair to compare Tommy thrall to Marty brown hand I think Jeff Brantley is the star going forward of the Reds broadcast situation because the guy so good and so personable so we'll see what decisions the Reds make I'm told Tommy thrall and Jeff Brantley will be the main team going forwards but I I pray to god that he's acceptable and give the guy shot give the guy a chance I think Tommy thralls pretty darn good he's especially good with Jeff Brantley sitting there who comparing him to Joe Nuxhall is not fair but none the less the guy's really good in fact when Marty Brenda hand Marty Brennaman came here in nineteen seventy four. Joe Nuxhall had been associated with the Reds for thirty years when Marty king and those two were like peanut butter and jelly was the incredible was the best they spent thirty one years together. so we're gonna play this rest of this week we done little bit in the past my conversations with Marty about issues but dot one issue that arose in I'm looking at it now which is germane to many issues is the ability of government to completely control your life you know match diamond told me when he was a kid he put a frog on the in a pot in cold water on the stove and just turn up the heat it would take a long time for the frog to figure out that he's about to be boiled but the frog did know it because it happened so slowly. socialism and communism takes over countries not in a quick way at least at least the western democracies is done very slowly. and before you know it you're up to your eyeballs in government control of your life having never really agreed to the conclusion but you have a great day every step along the way so when government says to you and me we're gonna control how much how many ounces of water in your Charlie when the big deal government's going to control what kind of light bulbs you can have well that's not a big deal government has all these other requirements of how to control your life I'm looking out the story out of university of Cincinnati. about caring medical insurance for students written by a Max lawn Bergen the Enquirer it was published on September the seventeenth what about the about a week ago six days ago and I'm saying here is an example of creeping socialism and government control. that is indicative of the overall problem that we have in American society today stories about Elizabeth spades S. P. A. T. C.. she feels like she's being built by the university of Cincinnati. story goes on to say that no I didn't know this but.

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