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To hurt hardwood would at once. Hard. Yeah. So it's difficult. So I I wouldn't put yourself down in any way I. Think as women men are very lucky because we we get like we're it takes US longer to get over them but once over them were fucking done. Right. Away. And then in six months they want us back and it's like, Nope, done by and I am happy and proud to announce that I am fully weaned off. Either I it is no longer what what happened was he decided to join only fans in the middle of March and I are maybe it was. May What does that? What wait Brandi Glanville are you lying to me right now? You don't know what only chances no, it sounds like a push party for one. Yet. Is it is it's basically a patriotic for your penis or China. You can honestly download it today Charged thirty five dollars for what the money roll in. That's what was do. Yeah. It's. It's a website that you can join in post any kind of content you want in charge people to see it. So it's fucking insane air ever on. A hundred to two hundred, thousand dollars a month just. Like posting like Bikini Vote House on this website in my ex-boyfriend decided he was going to. Try that and also sell dirty underwear on snapchat and I just simply at that point was like, yeah, that was my. That was that was what we? Wanted the pene now that? Everybody had seen. It was twenty five dollars pene and I was like Ottoman I. Don't WanNa share that anymore with anyone and you have to wonder what is ten year plan is I mean? You're not gonNA want those dirty underwear in about three more months. Considered a ten minute plan. Exactly come on, I've never heard of that kind of grossed out but I'm also curious here in. My kids just told me last night that people pay you for tech talk. So I'm like I'll do it then because I total antisocial media in paying my seventeen year old run my instagram and. Might be getting fired were. If you need somebody else. Let me know I can I can take it on for you I mean it's going to be hard to fire him. He's the love of my life besides my thirteen year old who's also the love him just a little more Dick Ish. Mon.. But Equally loved yet depends on the day I have a favorite kid of the day. So far today it would be jake. He took the monastery didn't ask any question didn't ask any questions and that he read it. All right here. Okay. Of Trust that he's like my mother you are my keeper you're my protector and I will put this modest out on my arm animated microwave MEATLOAF. For lunch. He didn't complain because he wanted much eleven twenty seven and I was looking you up what the fuck am I supposed to do. You're like Siamese to figure out who this girl is going to be on my podcast give a lot of minutes. This is what I do. I Larry. King. I went to a right before because my memory like I have add and then if I don't do it right before like, I'll do it the moment Ryan gives it to me as I didn't like a few weeks ago and then I like I thought it was regal. Coming a with a psychic today and he said no rand. Is. Like the only thing that similar about them is their main starts at the knee on like okay. Well, then Ryan who also hacked my computer and calendar popped up today which never happened in my life. Thank you, Ryan. Did IT I I have access to your computer that was looking and I was like what the fuck. Yeah I get that as well in it's because people that keep my life on trust us. Yeah. They don't trust me whatsoever in it fully fair that they don't. So but you on podcast to I do. The. Miscellaneous podcast with Elena Davies and one day. My hope is that Brady global you'll be on it. Raw and I will look you up right before and I'll do it. Okay. Who is this lady I gotta learning stuff about her? And we'll talk shit for an hour and. On some secret stuff that no one knows you can get like some press for your podcast because with a bomb. Yeah of course. OP. Stinky. Girl after throat bring up other girls especially when you're blind big boobs like. They're you're aware than mind because I saw them. Not, like Asada bathing sale. Minor, you WanNa see them you can any point I will text you nude win are you on the fandom I'm not saying only fans no yeah I don't I'm ready to charge. I, really. About it. We're GONNA honestly wherever you come on my podcast I feel like I'm. I'm going to grill you on only fans on. See The you've learned or I put a picture of my boobs on my instagram the other day with like spacey's vote and. Malda in I said now that I have your attention vote and I said, yes queen and you know what I? I've. voted. I was like, oh. Yeah. I can early vote in Texas, let me drag my ass to the polls and yet he's right after I saw your hot Titi. Thank you for that. Archived in because I had a bunch of seventeen year olds at my house and I heard them talk in our legal guys or grows. So I took it off. I really just wanted people to vote and the first picture was not as as Tame 'cause my friends cut they cut my face out of it mark and Trina they said less as more because it could be anyone's boobs but I'm now admitting that are my boobs but guess there I don't really know on really you have great boobs. So admitting that those were your boobs if anything was a power move. But. I mean obviously thirteen years they need to get redone but but thank you all appreciated and Ryan I need help any the help of my ballots. On. Just, like you got me on Sunday to come over and fix my TV didn't see you. Actually the problems with my wife I. Swing. By. L.. Yeah.

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