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I'm Renee montagne yesterday the Senate voted against bringing in the witnesses for the impeachment trial of president Donald Trump two gays are forty nine the nays are fifty one the motion is not agreed to coming up later this hour what's ahead for the impeachment trial and how it is likely to end plus how to cough is with the baby why mothers in Iowa with young children face a tough time participating in a long busy caucus and janitors protest for wages in Saint Louis we'll hear why they see their struggle as also one for racial justice first our newscast it's Saturday February first twenty live from NPR news in Washington I'm Barbara Klein Beijing says the new corona virus has spread to nearly twelve thousand people most of them in China several countries including the US are introducing measures to monitor or limit travail by people who've been to China in the past couple of weeks and is Vicky Barker reports from London British police are trying to track down people who came in contact with two family members diagnosed with the virus the two Chinese nationals began showing symptoms while staying at a hotel in New York they were taken to a hospital in new castle where they tested positive for the corona virus now public health officials are trying to trace anyone who had close contact with the pair that's defined as coming within six feet of an infected person for fifteen minutes or more so far these are the only cases of coronavirus reported in the U. K. eighty three Britons who were evacuated from Wuhan yesterday are being kept in quarantine for two weeks for NPR news I'm Vicki Barker in London mounting anxiety over the corona virus triggered heavy stock selling yesterday the Dow for example fell more than two percent Steve Beckner reports so far the economic impact of China's corona virus on the US is largely prospective but as Beijing took stern measures to prevent a pandemic factory in transportation shutdowns broke supply chains spreading fear that the global economy will soon suffer just disease trade tensions were cheering financial markets a medical crisis now threatens international climbers and in turn asset values on Wall Street recent saying of all time highs stocks recovered from a Monday selloff only to fall more steeply on the last day of trading for the week the Dow was off two and a half the S. and P. two and an eighth and the nasdaq one and three quarters percent for NPR news I'm Steve Beckner the Senate impeachment trial of president trump is set to resume Monday with closing arguments no witnesses will be called after the Senate voted against including them is NPR's to mac reports the vote came down to two Republicans who sided with trump's defense senators Lisa mark Caskey and Lamar Alexander Alexander said that the president had committed misconduct but did not believe it warranted removing him from office we're Caskey had a different line of thinking in a statement she said that she did not think there would be a fair trial in the Senate explaining her opposition to additional witnesses she wrote quote I don't believe the continuation of this process will change anything is set for me to admit that as an institution the Congress has failed a final vote on the articles of impeachment is scheduled for Wednesday after president trump delivers his state of the union address this is NPR news live from KQED news I'm Michelle Wiley Santa Clara county public health officials have confirmed of the first case of corona virus in the bay area but stressed that there is no evidence the virus is circulating in the region county health officer Dr Sir Cody says a man returned from Wuhan China on January twenty fourth became ill sought outpatient medical care but otherwise has remained at home our.

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