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Hello and welcome to the national secular society podcast. I'm chris logan communications officer. The us us in this episode will be discussing the ethics of male circumcision after bbc documentary shown a spotlight on the issue. I alice glitched talks to andrew moffat. The teacher who devised a program for inclusive education and is faced a backlash from religious groups anju welcomes s podcast. Thank you for having me. You're listening to one thousand nine hundred and fatto alexa <hes> <hes> would you say this is the greatest of your life absolutely i would say that and that's great to have that under being featured in the the interval you have some contest software is on a par with housing okay so definitely up to this. Year's lecture is as no outsiders. Can you the audience. A quick rundown of what now side is. Yes certainly certainly is. It's a private school. Resource on basically basically teaches children to it prepares them for like more than richton said teaches children about the world that we live in today which is a diverse world prepares children to be played with citizens because in in the in the world today yatra would need to be able to work alongside and live alongside anybody it doesn't matter if you have different color skin or of a different religion or disabilities off your lesbian or transgender or will excellent language now all i can work alongside. You and that's wanna teach john children. <unk> confidence was citizens amac okay so it's not a secret sinister plot to turn five year olds gay as part of a cultural marxist conspiracy to destroy religious family values. Well yeah husbands things that have level. I spit. I have yet agenda. I do have an agenda agenda. Actually my agenda is very clearly. Communicate using uncomfortable <unk> cleveland. I do have an agenda but now on the children gave linda made me. I'm not that's not really not in my it must scheme of things <music>. What do you think on the challenges in creating and then defending a robust inclusive school false specifically particularly when you have strong conservative views within the school community yeah well <hes> you might see it on the on the news recently this summer hughes challenges <hes> <hes> this work in my own school last six months not finally enough. There just weren't around for the last four years and that gives me confidence that that is. It's possible that we can do this because it's only six months. This is about. Maybe trump is always there in the background but they were certainly weren't surfacing sunday. The challenges really today. The schools today is to work out a way to drink gave one on board and dice while outsiders. Actually i went to the school deliberately four years ago because i thought that might be challenges to some of this work. Can i want to get it right. I wanted to work with with a committee so you who wants to maybe might find some tension with with so much of this book specific l._g._b._t. I'll be honest and under the mauvais. Margaret saunders was to try and find a way to to place obt and carting context in schools with all of the qualities and and talk to sit alongside ed to teach <unk>. It's no more important than any other policy. Buso <unk> less important so that's why i wrote not so it is four years ago and and i wrote it when i first joined popular school <hes> unexpecting tribe successful but i think what the last six months is the <hes> in this book is not done on a under the massive need for this work. I think i might be maybe ninety about about thinking that i had this last. Its but demonstrates. How important work is in schools. Do you think that community school was set as a school was that don't have really clearly defined and protected false in the same way that faith schools do kind kind of confidence or find it difficult to snap success. How say mrs henry foss this. No at this school we value these things we komo these values the subtitle of now side as claiming radical ideas in schools different book but yeah i go according to the sources so the first one the main one is now outsiders and then i and two years later i vote reclaimed michael ideas. This guy wanted to <unk> the idea that reciting the schools we are between the wants because we are saying communication works <hes> we we can exist exist at the same time we will much battling with exits and donald trump and a new promise it today that talks about the winner <hes> boxes goodness i can. I say you know if this language becomes acceptable. They'll tune down and talk jimenez then then than teachers participate communities are becoming vertical one sas y. A. plus. I spent a total but not since you original question should not experienced teachers generally very comfortable this kind of work and especially the new book is really a teacher has been teaching just a for for for many many years on many scores confrontation about quality what scientist as it gives us a framework and a a new set of a language to use to tie it all together and maybe in the past. Maybe some schools would have been nervous about teaching l._g._b._t. Quoted for example certainly minuscule past that was the case for what about sodas naval schools to do is teach which quality within a frame weapon context with cartridge severe up the quality of the problem lecture often takes a look at issues are both historic and contemporary. What do you think is the best store co. Parallels to today's protests against r._s._a. Sa- minded when the first protests that we had more school which was deafening thought ning og three children chanting outside of school get mr moore fits out a again. Children banged on windows at the school with placards roads. It was really fun and i was minded of lesson. The i teach every every year we teach india six when teach dot elizabeth eckford ackford this with excellence one of the little rock nine in arkansas in the u._s. A story about segregation in schools started to <hes> to desegregate on this school in little rock was basically nine block students the <unk> statement statement <hes> national guard to protect it in school when i was a massive demonstration against them elizabeth miss the bus but she was so are determined to go to school the super bowl's food down the blocks he walked into school offers really famous <unk> as the year of birth with with her scrapbook since she's she's <unk> walking through a mall and as a woman spitting utter charleston shout out to on the caradon switching to school and what i served the children the end of that less than we talk about the impact on elizabeth wanted people south to nothing watching. They wanna sixto black person. Why didn't they want kids. Stolen weather's ideas come from but also how can i change because now in the u._s. Muster you often goes through was not that joe schools. All black and white kids sit together. So how does it change chocolate and the way the scenery is a lesson our votes of elizabeth earth next to the woman that sputtered but forty years later and they're hugging outside the school and it shows the ideas can shave dot woman now now now campaigns with eckford and the schools to do talks and n._c. Changed her mind because all ideas can change now anyone oh can change their mind and when the children of migrants to have those protests against may and against l._g._b._t. People in school on a thought while the paulos solos here are phenomenal. These shoes paolino's hitting on why won't happen. I hope will happen in years to come is people the member these children in voting member in this time under change their minds which i use that because anyone can change is that mine do all we can hope before we go and especially for those who might be able to make it to the lecture. Can you give us an of hope. Do you think inclusive policies gain to be successful is how is again to win over. Even just overcome this minority of hardcore the core position i'm full of hype might see hazel poli the headteacher phase where the puck stop but when it started and she said she it has a lot of hope and i have really good law not light to use that line because i do have a fight because you know we're not gonna box people. You know we're not doc boxer even thirty years one thousand nine hundred eighty s when you were not allowed to talk about older we to be in schools that now now we gives me hype is on the news this morning. According to state news tweet was warning about a school where <hes> <hes> <hes> someone who focuses from burgum have gone to the school and a stunning outside with placards is segmented with my school and it's like twelve of them outside the the school setting <unk> children and all this but you know it's really really good is that parents in our school would tend to school past him with rainbow flags cabinets walton they don't put off and they walk faster on this footage of the morning news and stony just seen it but these are these are belong here. You know we want our children to be educated and that gives me because dot shows the yes the difficulties the challenges astute isn't it. It's it's good because it means that this dawn log this debate is happening nationally now. It's not under the carpet that it's it's out outback so let's talk about. Let's work together. The opposite conference that we can find a way forward you know under house is going to end is going to end with all schools during this work outsiders but was doing doing work around equality it boosts. It might take a couple of years by take five years six years but it will happen because what's the alternative. The alternative schools were oh okay. You don't belong and squawking aside. That's a really great night's. Live on we'll see we'll have links to those stories in the sinai's angie we look forward to discussing this in more detail.

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