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Five oh five four six two six other be at upper age limit on service in government. it as a as a judge as a legislator as an executive of both states have upper limits on their judges they tend to run in the seventy to seventy five range only in Vermont can you hit eight ninety as a judge let's go to Kristin enterprise Alabama good evening Chris. let's go to Kelly in Long Island New York hello Kelly. I'm well thank you and and not all that old. yeah. I've been listening to your last. I had this whole thing what does it say United listen to your last call or some kind of like I don't understand I'm a nurse and I you work with geriatric okay so I do feel that there should be a limit. it's hard to kind of a slippery slope there are people that are fifty okay that get to them so early and then there's people that are eighty five they don't have it at all yeah Hey who's to say I have patients that have dementia they could be two years before they actually are showing it to the public that they have it how do you how do you have acted in the in the clinical sense how do you detected before a casual observer would detected. wait wait yeah. on an everyday basis because I I with them every day I mean even family family members they don't even tell a lot of older elderly don't tell their families at the forgetting things and they're and they're just north of it starts to get take up to two years it depends on which to match you have there's so many different different people get it right away some people it takes a long time and I don't know if I want somebody who you know has dementia and that is for getting stuff making decisions well yes you want about the bridge the previous callers a couple of them who suggested that that we not have a flat age limit beyond which you could not serve but a limit beyond which you would have to undergo some periodic testing. don't like don't like all the presidents have to go through physicals like I know they were making a big deal about trump and about his physical that all my god you know I don't know I don't think that's a Tory limitation I'm not aware that the anywhere it is written that they shall take such an examination there oughta be a but I'm not aware of. you have to remember they were all saying that he's not to Lee L. and this and that and yeah but that's another story that's another story point is being like you know somebody right mechanical couple callers ago and you know he likes them in whatever but we can't have brain cancer how do you know what when he really was having issues I mean he's you can see it you know casual you could see it in his stumbling of words that it was getting worse but who knows how long he had it now they have eight you know that help them how do they know the aid is that making the decisions and helping out until the last minute so they have to that's always possible I mean let's face it in the final years of strong Thurman service in the U. S. Senate it was common knowledge that the strong just showed up and essentially read what he was told to read off of of five by eight cards that were passed to amend that effectively yeah the chief of staff for senator Thurmond was the acting senior senator from South Carolina for for a good many years but again in the case let's say of a of a became would periodic testing let's say past a certain age suffice. yeah. okay like that the problem is mental illness you really don't know how old you really see it and so that's why I'm kind I don't I don't think age limits because they're right I mean we have we have a hundred year old lady in my job that what's around in her center there there's everything is there she knows what's going on and everything which is a hundred god bless his heart. a. yeah it's just kind of scary because you know who who's really running the country then well yeah exactly and then the judge she's been sick she's been having cancer and she's been in and out I'm not saying listen I'm not I'm not saying she shouldn't do it you're it what you want to work that one fifty ready to retire now yeah well I mean I. people have money well made with it's not a case of money both of them enjoy their work but I certainly see what you're saying Kelly and I thank you for your special expertise for the question of heavier hours driving through Tennessee tonight and offers the box good evening al..

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