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I don't know how many of you might have actually been to cannabis dispensary, but they can be kind of interesting places jars or packages labeled with exotic names like purple Kush, Northern Lights, sour diesel or lemon Hayes line, the shelves and in every shop, someone is willing to advise you on the variety they say is best suited to the kind of high you might want and energizing buzz or coming mellow. They're like pot Semillas, picking out the perfect we'd for your particular needs. But what does science know about all these strains and hybrids that are being the product of generations of underground plant breeding for the answer, we went to British Columbia where Canada's top cannabis botanist plies his trade. We also visited a local Vancouver dispensary for their perspective on their wares. So my name is Jonathan page. I'm an adjunct professor in the botany department. That you see and the CEO and co founder of an Andy labs. So we're coming into our sample reception area and I guess it should be immediately obvious that we have cannabis sitting on the bench in front of us. So an India does the quality control testing that's required the licensed producers and patients who grow cannabis for themselves ship it to our loud here and we receive it in this room. So teach see is what's called in chemical terms Cavanaugh and there's about one hundred fifteen Cabanillas known from the cannabis plant in total. And those are, you know, structural variance of t.j see and things that are sort of chemically similar, but not exactly like h c blocked. Like when people smoke or vague or ingest it, they also receive cab noise other than THC CBD. Lots of Turpin interpreters are found throughout the plant kingdom. They're generally volatile. So you know, you'll smell them when you get close to the plant, or you need damage the plant. And so canvas makes a mixture of different Turpin 's that give it these distinct odor. So that kind of skunk he smell of of cannabis that you can smell. You know, if you walk into a dispensary or what have you that's due to the Turpin. It's not due to the cabinets were actually not smelling teach see where smelling the turbines. Oh, and welcome to the Muslim cannabis dispensary. So if you go into dispensary in Vancouver currently, often, the producer or the retailer will describe them as sativa Indica or hybrid. You know, we have a variety of different strains Indika if you wanna relax diva, you need something a little more uplifting. And this is a classification system that's present in the cannabis community. It's quite widely accepted that there's these different types of plants stereotype is that Indika plant wise, they're kind of short more dense, branching wider leaves. Indicas are going to be your more relaxing. You're more.

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