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Christian Fulton Denzel. Mims jalen hurts. Zach bond just bouquet Kenneth Murray and Ray Kwan Davis now a lot of these players and a lot of these meetings. The cowboys have showed clips of On their own social channels and on the MOTHERSHIP DALLAS COWBOYS DOT COM. Which has been interesting. You know it's like puzzle pieces right like trying to figure out why the cowboys have shared these particular interviews but I guess we'll find out two weeks from today. Who but either way just so you know. Our tracker is live and ready for you. It is updated as often as necessary. There is never something that will not go on the tracker. So you have that at your disposal. We have had so many guests. Somebody Fun friends here on the show. here lately to get different perspectives and half conversations that different people from all walks of life across the NFL and otherwise and today is no different. Casey Philip C team reporter for the Tampa Bay buccaneers joined us to talk about a variety of things. Obviously one of the newest members of the Dallas Cowboys Joe McCoy spent a majority of his career to this point with the buccaneers. Casey has covered him as reported on him gotten to know him and she she had some really interesting stuff. Both on the field and off the field about Joe McCoy his personality and what he brings to the Cowboys Casey's from Dallas. And so she has a you know a a history with the city and athletics in the area and she has She's experienced a lot of really interesting things in her career and so she was kind enough to walk us through all of those as well so I'm not going to let you anymore. Let's go ahead and get to it from the Tampa Bay buccaneers. Casey Phillips.

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