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Yup drain forty two percent of the three point times over the last two seasons. It says here if another team toss is not a massive numbers the question will be will the he be willing to match. I mean i didn't think he was. I don't think i could see that raleigh doing it. I don't think so so just a really quick rundown of eleven through twenty which some really good names which is why. I'm surprised duncan robinson number ten. We have norman powell with a player option. Yep spencer. Dinwiddie take the next to go after rashard homes on restricted former. Nick tim hardaway junior. Unrestricted heaven obviously evan. Forty a unrestricted. End up getting a butch better deal because now see that he can play. Yeah yeah gary. Trent junior unrestricted kelly oubre junior unrestricted. He must have golden state. Some reggie jackson unrestricted will barton on a player option. Which i believe he declined player option already. And somebody who i think could be a really really good difference maker on a playoff team or team looking to get to the play. Offs restricted lauri markkanen. Yes you folks understand like. This is a prophet. Because you quickly okay. You have no idea how much and i talk. So highly of blurb marketed. Our love marketing. I mean in realized with the rockets you hear dock with a gleam minnesota an smile on his face every single day. All you saying. I'm kinda coming to the next but i feel you well. That's why i'm kind happy. You know you think about it you know. And obviously that's the last of the free agents and this argument. Well does it talk. Twenty eight as a few more but when to stop twenty marketing i think is why i'm so happy that the rockets signed matthew heard as an undrafted reagents As well as drafting out iran. Sin goon you think about it market in you know being an international player being somebody who can stretch the floor. I value him a little higher than most of these players I probably would have had him at ten hesitant. Dunkin rabbits efforts but I think you give somebody like marketing comes in. And we're pretty nice. I don't know if the bulls are going to match that. I wouldn't let them go personally but they don't have a true plan for him. I feel like they like they never have a true plan for any of their bigs And that kinda hurts them for most of their guinea bucket is well to when he was there which is why bucket. Sorry to well. I was just gonna say i mean key case in point bobby portis right. You know so you let this go but i know that you heard this podcast on your favorite podcast platform..

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